(A 3 Road Path to PERMANENT RESIDENCE In Canada Cookbook)

How to enter Canada using either Express Entry | Express Entry-by-Provincial Nomination | Provincial Nominee Program)

Relocating to Canada 2

Before we begin, let me say this.


And I am saying this with all the amount of respect, but the truth is, many of the people I have been privileged to guide on PR in Canada, and some that are still lost in search of the right pathways to relocate to Canada do not understand the relocation process.


That is why they seek and fall for shortcuts; some will ask me “I need the relocation route that doesn’t require IELTS, I need a relocation route with low IETS, and I need this and that – all short cuts…no wonder they waste money.


The point is, they’re completely lost. Let’s be frank, I don’t blame them, rather I blame the too-many self-made travel agents, experts, and consultants who for instance, try to convince them that they do not need IELTS as if they use Igbo or Yoruba in Canada.


It’s also a funny issue with how people overhype and fear IELTS. Please, do not be blindfolded. IELTS is just one of the many factors that boost the 1200 CRS points you need for PR in Canada selection/nomination.


Where IELTS score points is not enough you can use other qualification factors and add up.


And kindly note that the minimum IELTS score requirement for these immigration routes is 6 all through the language proficiency. Hitherto, if you score more, then the better.


With all sense of Humility, I know the relocation story, and if you want to relocate to Canada without hassles, let me show you how.


I prepared this Ultimate PR in Canada Cookbook with over 85 images & screenshots (practically showing how to do it – as I have done) to answer all the questions I have been asked since last year. So, get ready.


Express Entry draw figures for the January 8, 2020​

The target for new permanent resident admissions through the three federal high-skilled programs – Express Entry is slated to rise to 85,800 this year and 88,800 in 2021.


Also, the target for Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), a portion of which is also managed by the Express Entry system, is set to rise to 67,800 in 2020 and 71,300 in 2021.

Ready to Process your relocation in 6 less or less months? Here is it.


Just in the January 8, the Express Entry draw for immigration to Canada, 3,400 candidates were issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score cut-off threshold was 473 points. This is an all-program draw, so candidates in any Express Entry-aligned program are eligible.


Going back to the previous draw, which occurred on December 19, the CRS score cut-off threshold was 469 points.


The tie-breaking rule was applied for the January 8 draw, meaning that not all candidates with 473 points will receive an ITA.


As multiple candidates have 473 points, those who submitted their Express Entry profile to the pool before December 27, 2019 at 13:35:09 UTC will be prioritized.


Ready to relocate? Let me explain the relocation process for you.


Before I put out more words, here is an infographic I spent hours to put up for you to grab the whole process and stop falling for nonsense PR in Canada crabs ans bullshits. Download here for free.

This Cookbook focuses on 3 relocation routes

(Canadian Relocation via Express Entry | Express Entry by Provincial Nomination | Provincial Nominee Program)
Why Relocation To Canada Using Express Entry Is The Best Option

[Do you have a kid in a boarding school? If yes, see this. The way you prepare your kid for his/her school entrance exams (IELTS), provisions/food items (credentials), fees (Proof of funds) and every other necessity (other add-ons) equates entering Canada using EEP – you are entering on your terms].


Unlike the Provincial Nominee Program and others, the EEP – Federal Skilled

Worker Class candidates – do not require any connection in Canada to be eligible for the program.


#2. Minimum requirements for work experience, language proficiency – IELTS of 6 in all 4 subjects is what’s needed.


#3. Education can all be completed outside of Canada – Nigeria, so the program is an excellent option for those –Nigerians – living outside of Canada.


#4. Unlike others that are up to 1-2 years, EEP relocation is processed within or less than 6 months.


So, if you start now, you can start counting the days using this 3 Road Path Cookbook for PR in Canada.


There are many more benefits I will exclude. For instance, you can choose wherever you want to relocate to Canada.

I can’t fail to mention that EEP candidates receive the highest percentage of invitations to apply. For instance, FSWC candidates received more than half of all invitations issued in 2018 against 2019.

Who needs the “3 Road Paths Cookbook for PR in Canada”?

Any Nigerian seeking Permanent Residency in Canada who wants to get selected in the next Express Entry Pool or nominated in the next Provincial Nomination Program)

The Value you get in this Cookbook?

Part 1

Scaling through Express Entry Registration till Eligibility Result

One of the things many potential immigrants do not know is scaling through EEP. Their notion is if I get a knock off that is it. But that is far from it. I know the ultimate solution is increasing your CRS for the next pool – which you will see how to do it live.


However, this cookbook will help you understand the wrong myth (being a tough relocation route) about Express Entry which is no true. How to create your EEP profile until you get the result that shows your eligibility.


What happens if you’re not eligible? That is where you need to increase your CRS which is already documented practically.


Continue below…


Part 2

How to scale through Provincial Nominee Program

Two of the headaches and roadblocks for Nigerians seeking immigration in Canada using PNP are 1. Not Knowing anyone in any Canadian Province – (No Relatives), and 2. Not acquiring a job in any Canadian province?


How happy would you be if you found out that this cookbook answers those questions? Well, you should because it does.


#1. Join a Nigerian Community in Canada

#2. Apply for Job Placements.


You’ll find or (Join – if you want), the dedicated Nigerian community in Canada. I recommend you join in case you need to rob minds with other Nigerians already in Canada.


One of the visions of the organization is the extension of services to the newcomers/immigrants. It should be mentioned that the association has earned a reputation within the community in many Canadian Communities and also outside of Canada due to its good services.


I will list other communities to join in as well – but the best is the all-in-one Nigerian community.

Relocating to Canada 2
Relocating to Canada

And as for securing jobs employment, you will get to see how to apply for current job placements in Canada, other alternative places you might not even apply for (not yet) – that is, if you use the ones shown in the examples. 


You will also see how to apply for EOS – Express of Interest in a Canadian Province. (EOS is for PNP while creating your pool profile is for EEP).

Relocating to Canada 2

Part 3

How to Qualify for Canadian Job Environment - ALL FREE Materials

I have chosen to give out this value worth N20,000 all for free. With this cookbook, you will get:


 💡 How to Gloom in the Canadian job market.


 💡 Job Banks to Apply.


 💡 Top 3 Canadian job Screening Methods & 9 Key Considerations in her Screening Exercise


 💡 Type-A Cover Letters with and without EDITS (this is where it gets exciting as you can decide to edit and use).


 💡 Type-A Resume with and without EDITS (Same with the cover letter – Edit and use or customize to you test).


And more resources.

Part 4

Scaling through Credential Evaluations

The Cookbook shows you how to evaluate your educational credentials for both medical and non-medical people.


You will also get to see a completed sample. Going further, how to get your medicals and police reports are documented.


how to carefully check your application status, a form contact the commission if you need special attention. 😎 

Part 5

Scaling through IELTS Easily

Packaged with the Cookbook is an all-in-one IELTS test preparatory class and course for you. You can take advantage of this course, maybe 1 hour a day after your working hours or in the middle of the night where the environment is serene.


What’s in the FREE Course?

Speaking course, you will learn about:


 💡 The IELTS Speaking test format.


 💡 the assessment criteria

giving a talk.


 💡 What to expect on test day.

Reading course, you will learn about:


 💡 the IELTS Reading test format.


 💡 IELTS Reading task types.


 💡 dealing with vocabulary.


 💡 What to expect on test day.


 💡 reading strategies.

Road to IELTS Test: you will get:


 💡 30 interactive exercises.


 💡 Four videos giving tips and advice.


 💡 One practice test for each of the four skills.


 💡 nine videos giving advice and tutorials.


 💡 100 interactive activities.


 💡 Two practice tests for each of the four skills.


 💡 Over 300 interactive activities.


 💡 13 videos giving advice and tutorials.


 💡 36 practice tests.

What is the worth of this Cookbook PR in Canada?

Going by what the Cookbook solves, it is worth more than N50,000. But it is not reasonable to charge such an amount – even though painstaking work has been put into it.


Irrespective of the cost of this material, if you do not relocate to Canada, I want you to know that N50,000 is nothing as compared to your final relocation where you get $3,000-$3,5000 (N900,000+) as monthly salary.




The Price for today? N10,000 only. (I want to see you in Canada)

Why N10,000?

Because I believe in the process.

Why the Cookbook?

I never wanted to do this in the first place, but the queries were hitting my DM always. Got tired of answering bunches of repeating, simple, and complex questions.


Over to you

Want to start your Permanent Residence in Canada Process without hassles? Click below to get your Book Cook today.

Hearty Note

There is no guarantee that the price above will last long. If you can grab it today then welcome and Good luck.


A contact address is available in the cookbook in case you need any special attention. If it‘s too complicated to communicate with an email then I shall DM you on WhatsApp or Telegram App.


Thank you for your time. 😉 

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