If the first few lines of your cover letter are causing your readers’ eyes to glaze over, it’s time for a makeover else you stand the chance of losing out.

Would you like to get a job in Canada from Nigeria or anywhere in the world as Pecky did?

If yes, then you need one more aspect apart from the Perfect Canadian Resume that will grant you a professional job in Canada, and that is knowing how to write an approved Canadian cover letter.

But why is it so important to get an approved Canadian cover letter template?

It’s because being able to write a cover letter for Canada is a must for all professional job applications and is crucial to finding work in the country.

Let’s launch in.

How to Present an Introduction of a Canadian Approved Cover Letter

Canadian Cover Letter Template

When drafting out the beginning of your cover letter, you don’t want to make it generic or as what is popular.

Something of this nature:

“In response to your job advertisement, I’m forwarding my resume for your review and consideration”

No, you want to be different, remember this is Canada.

So, how can you present your opening part of your Cover Letter?

An Experts, Abby Locke, speaker, writer and president of Premier Writing Solution suggests you “Make a stronger first impression by writing something different -something that will readily show the value you offer.”

One of the best ways to do that is by grabbing the attention of your potential employer, how?

You can kick the campaign by highlighting your accomplishments, passion for contributing to the employer’s mission and your strongest related skills.

Presenting Your Cover Letter Introduction

Put down a list of the top three ways you would add value to an organization.

“What core competencies would enable you to excel in the position you’re targeting?”

“How would the employer benefit from hiring you?” says Abby Locke.

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How to Write a Formal Canadian Cover letter Introduction in 4 professions.

Canadian Cover Letter Template

Let’s be realistic, a cover letter is no way important than your Resume nor will it land you a job by itself, however, a badly written cover letter can pose mind blowing threats on why your employer should employ you.

You know it’s one thing to tell someone why they need to do something and another thing to show them how to, so, we at Relocation Garland won’t leave you hanging, we will show you how to present your cover letter intro in about 4 professions.

1. Cover Letter Intro for IT Consultants

As an experienced technology manager and business owner, I know firsthand how challenging it can be to remain current with ever-evolving technology without breaking the budget.

But whether you are trying to equip your workforce or stock your retail showroom with the latest in next-generation laptops, I promise you will find the solution (and the value) you are looking for by retaining my services as an IT consultant.

2. Cover Letter Intro for Sales Representative

If you are seeking to augment your business-development team with a top-producing sales professional, my enclosed resume will be of interest.

In my strong interest in joining ABC Company, you will find a history of #1-ranked sales performance combined with a six-year track record of outperforming quotas by as much as 150%.

3. Cover Letter Intro for Financial Analysts

I read with great interest the article in Fortune announcing the upcoming launch of ABC Bank. Congratulations on this new venture and its already impressive $20 million in loans pre-charter!

The possibility of contributing to the growth of your bank is exciting, and I would like to explore a potential employment match that I am confident will be a win-win proposition.

4. Cover Letter Intro for Administrative Assistants

Your company is truly a leader in healthcare information — you offer solutions that ultimately enhance the quality of healthcare delivery.

I am excited by your mission and would be able to translate this excitement by providing top-notch administrative services to you and your team members.

Very soon you will get a FREE Professional Cover Letter Example in a PDF format, but before that, let us tell you the frequently made mistake in writing cover Letters.

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Top 5 Controversial Cover Letter Mistakes To Avoid

Canadian Cover Letter Template

  1. Being Over Personal

People hate it when you act like a greedy dude. Ha, what does that mean?

For a cover letter, you don’t want to misuse your chance of qualifying yourself with “I”.

I know you want to be personal about your story but what your potential employer might call greedy or self- centeredness starts by overusing the word “I”.

In all circumstances, you want to not just use it in a minimal, but a decent way.

2. Losing In Your First Line

Mr. A

“Please consider me for your IT Consultant Opening”.
How does the above sound? Beggarly, right?
Would you as an employer be happy with such an opening?

Let’s see.

Mr. B

“Your need for a top-performing IT Consultant is an excellent match for my three-year history as a top-ranked, multi million-dollar producer”.

Between Mr. A & B, who would you rather employ?

Mr. B? If yes, then that is the audacity you command when you hit your employer with an authoritative introduction.

Weak: Please consider me for your IT Consultant opening.

Better: Your need for a top-performing IT Consultant is an excellent match for my three-year history as a top-ranked, multimillion-dollar producer.

3. Not Using Active Note

Upon submitting his Cover letter,

Mr. A said – to the employer/reader.

Please call me if you need more details.

Mr. B said – to the employer/reader

I will follow up with you in a few days to answer any preliminary questions you may have. In the meantime, you may reach me at (234) 80-345 -922 22

Between Mr. A & B, who would you rather employ?

Mr. B? If yes, then that is the audacity you command when you employ an active note to your cover letter.

4. Omitting Your Big-Asses for Long Form

What does Big-Asses mean here?
Your top reasons why they should employ you. If you call it your selling points, that’s still okay with me.

Now, it is possible to present a long form cover letter *(which is not unnecessary) thereby forgetting to spell out your most preferred reasons and points on why your employer should consider you.

When you feel confused about what to do, remember this point. A cover
letter is a sales letter that sells you as a candidate

5. Not being an African Enough

My guess is that by highlighting the above points using rare interpretations it will stick to you.

I know you can’t afford to be rude because you really need the job, right? Good.

On a brighter side, what you want to do at the end of the day is thanking the reader/employer for his or her time and consideration.

FREE Professional Cover Letter PROTOTYPE Sample-PDF

Before we see how to write and present a typical Canadian approved Cover Letter, let’s fulfill our promise by giving you a FREE Professional Cover Letter Prototype.
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How To Write A Typical Canadian Cover Letter

1. Attach your Qualification Reasons for the Job

From the word GO, what you want to do is attaching a nicely written Canadian Cover Letter that states your relevant skills and reasons why you are right for the role you applied for.

2. Make The Company Feel Special

If you want the company to invite you for the interview session, try everything possible to make them special. How? Ensure you spend at least 35 percent of the document talking about what you know about the company — recent projects, company values, company news.

3. Pass a 100% First Impression

What would you do to pass an excellent first impression on a guy or lady you admire? Speaking in other tongues? Good, do same here.

But what do you do here?

Do preamble research on the company and demonstrate this in your cover letter to ensure you make a very great first impression.

4. Do Not Repeat All The Information From Your Resume.

Focus on showing your potential employers why the skills and experience you have would be a fit for the role in question.

Many a times a lot of applicants tend to list their resume in long paragraphs, but this will not suffice.

What you want to do is zero in on discussing how your skills and experience are suitable to meet each of the specified job requirements.

It makes sense to address each requirement in turn, then the company knows that you understand the requirements and feel that you meet these requirements.

5. It’s not all about you

The Canadian cover letter is quite different from other countries, therefore, please, always remember that a cover letter in Canada is not all about you. Focus on your potentials to the company (if they employ you).

6. Cover All Angles

Look through the job ad, and ensure you “tick all the boxes” that are outlined in the job description.

Note: Target the education and experience listed in the posting. Stay concise and use some space-saving tricks i.e. putting the postal code on the same line as the city to save space.

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Formatting Your Cover Letters

The tools I recommend you check out when you want to format your Cover Letter are Grammarly and Hemmingway app.

With Grammarly, you will be corrected by the errors you need to fix, and with Hemingway app, it shows you how to write authoritatively and not jerk.

The good thing is that the tools are all free so you can check them out

Best 2 Ways to Submitting your Cover Letters

Canadian Cover Letter Template

There are basically 2 ways to submit your Cover Letters.

  1. Through the Advertised Medium
  2. Through an Email.

Through Advertised Medium

Let’s say you saw a job listing on Indeed.com, based on the proceedings of the company, they may require you submit your Resume and Cover Letter directly to indeed.com, from whence they will receive it through her company account with Indeed.com.

Through Email

This involves sending your Cover Letter through your email account.

This will only be necessary if an employer only gives you an e-mail address to reply to in their job posting.

Note: whether you are submitting with via an email or the medium of job placement, you must edit and structure your Cover Letter using the Canadian Standard.

How to Send your Cover Letter via an Email Address

Option 1

Include Your Cover Letter In The Body Of Your E-mail:

This involves copying and pasting your customized cover letter at the beginning of your e-mail to the specific employer allows them to see what you have written right from the outset.

This method saves the employer from having to open a separate file containing your cover letter.

Also, it frees them to include the text of your cover letter in any keyword searches they may choose to conduct if they are using an electronic Applicant Tracking System.

Option 2

Include Your Cover Letter As A Fully Formatted Attachment To The Body Of Your E-mail:

This involves copying and pasting your customized, fully formatted, .doc compatible version of your cover letter to this same e-mail.

It will retain the special formatting of the cover letter that you’ve created, so if an employer wants to print this out it’ll still look great.

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Final Notes on a Canadian Cover Letter

Like overhyping, so much focus is given to Resumes when applying for a job.

But the other part most of us do not talk about is the application that should be included when submitting a response to a posted job which is a Cover Letter.

You want to take the time to understand the company and talk about how you can help them. That’s how to make a strong first impression and write a successful Canadian cover letter.

Don’t follow the common and generic cover letters we see everywhere that states “as an ABC graduate or consultant, I have always wanted to work for {insert company name} . . .” don’t cut it, so differentiate yourself by showing the company you are genuinely interested in them.

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