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So as to avoid mental strain in answering too many personal questions,

Further down the page, you’ll see how and when to contact me in private, but first…


How to ask Relocation Garland a question:

The best way to contact me about anything to do with life in Canada, or moving to Canada, is by making a comment on my website under a relevant post or page. Here’s how…

#1. Visit our page called PR Canada Migration Advice. Hold on, Not yet! Read on…

#2. Read through the list of questions and click on the most relevant link.

#3. Read the information on that page and the comments that follow it to see if it answers your question.

#4. Each of these pages has a list of “More useful links” which lead to further information on the same subject; you may like to read those pages too.

#5. If your question isn’t answered, ask it as a comment at the foot of the most relevant page you found.

Because I am here to serve, I will do my best to answer all comments personally. However, in case, I am just not able to answer. By asking your question as a comment online, there is a very good chance that someone else will attain to it.

So asking your question as a comment is better for us all.

Now you’re ready. To ask a question about life in Canada or moving to Canada, please start here – PR Canada Migration Advice.



Should you need to contact me in private.

Let’s say your question is NOT about life in Canada or moving to Canada, for example:

You want to advertise on Relocation

⇒  You want me to write an article for your magazine, newspaper, blog or other media publication.

⇒ You want to contribute an article or some information that you feel is of use to readers of Relocation Garland.

⇒ You want to discuss a business proposition.

⇒ Or you just want to send me some general feedback.

Then please e-mail using:

I thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Happy Relocation to Canada


Relocation Garland.