The Rural Northern Immigration Pilot by Daniel Ola Canada Review 2020

Daniel Ola Canada Review

There is no doubt that the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot was launched in 2019, and since its launch, a lot of Nigerians who have seen pains with the Express Entry or other relocation route have simply gone with the RNIP.

Why is that?

Because it is less hectic in terms of the qualifications and requirements for an average Nigerian.


How Does The RNIP Program Work?

First off, the eligibility requirements in the RNIP program is easier than the popular express Entry or PNP.

Here is how it works.

  1. The Canadian Communities partaking in this immigration path is shortlisted with their requirements.
  2. Community employers will approach you, the prospective candidate, or you can approach the community employers.
  3. You submit the application.
  4. You will be shortlisted if you meet their eligibility norms.
  5. The Community endorses you to the IRCC.
  6. You submit an application for review to the IRCC.
  7. Assessment of the applicant by the IRCC.
  8. When successful you attain the Permanent Residency status.


Shortly I will tell you a few points why many are striving to move to Canada via the RNIP program. But before that, who is Daniel Ola by the way?


Daniel Ola of Canada

Daniel Ola Canada Review

Actually, Daniel Ola is a Nigerian who was probably where you are today – trying to move to Canada.

As an immigration Expert, he successfully relocated with his family to Canada in 2018.

Because he did it, today, he shares in-depth information on how you too can apply for and get a Canadian permanent residence via the easiest and most affordable immigration program ever released by the Canadian government which is without doubts the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot.

Later on we will review the blueprint but let’s see why the RNIP is the easiest and most affordable immigration program by the Canadian government.


Why the Northern Territory Immigration Canada Was Made for Nigerians Who Hate IELTS

There is no doubt about it, majority of Nigerians want out of the country but the fear of IELTS test is the beginning of wisdom for some of them.

Well, while it is somewhat a thing to bite your nails, the good news is that the RNIP is not a point-based relocation route as the Express Entry, and definitely, its requirements have been simplified by the Canadian Government.

Here are a few points why any Nigerian who has tried the Express Entry or Provincial Nominee needs the RNIP Canadian route.


1. Low IELTS Point Requirements

Without doubts, one reason the RNIP is preferred amongst others is because it requires low IELTS result.

With a CLB of 5 you are good to go. *(Almost anybody can get that).


2. No Age Discrimination

Unlike Express Entry and PNP where from 45 you are one leg out, with the RNIP, the case is different – favorably.  

Regardless of your age, as far as you meet the demands of a particular Canadian community then you are in.


3. Not Point Based

The RNIP is not point-based which means, every requirement is NOT A FIGHT to increase your CRS point.

There are more advantages to the RNIP for Nigerians seeking Canadian relocation. But I will stop here.

Nonetheless, remember that you need lesser work experiences, educational evaluation, and more.


The Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot by Daniel Ola Review

2020 Cheapest way to Migrate to Canada from Nigeria

Daniel Ola’s Canada blueprint shows you how to successfully relocate to Canada using the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot path.

In a nutshell, the major question about the blueprint by Daniel Ola is, do you want to relocate to Canada & become a permanent resident within 6-9 months?

If your answer is yes, then that is exactly what this relocation guide shows you.

Here are my main reasons I think this is worth paying for.

5. Transcript Verification Presentation

Daniel Ola Canada ReviewOne of the reasons this blueprint cut my attention is the fact that you need to know HOW TO PROFESSIONALLY package your transcript from Nigeria to the Canadian Centralized Intake Office at Sydney, NS.

With Daniel Ola’s guide, you will get the correct format and how to go about sending your transcript for verification so it doesn’t get delayed or bounced.


4. Get a Community Recommendation

As we already know, you need a community recommendation to fast-track your PR application, else you might delay your enrollment for the next step.

So, the guide shows you how to go about this diligently.


3. Get a Job Offer

I am sure you’ve heard that with this immigration route you get a job ready for you.

The fact is, without knowing how to go about it then you will be like the average Joe testing and trying to figure it out.

The good news is, with this RNIP blueprint, you will learn how to swiftly get a job offer from one of the participating Canadian communities while in Nigeria.

Take nothing away from it. The joy of getting a job offer while you’re processing your Permanent Residence is one of the best news you can share.

All in all, you need the right application steps.


2. The A-Z Application Process

Unlike many fluff you see out there. I like the fact that you can start your RNIP application process today and in 6-9 months, the story would have been better.

So, with Daniel Ola’s Canadian RNIP blueprint, you get an in-depth and practical instructions on how to start the processing from start to landing in Canada.

We are almost done.


1. Direct Contact and Messaging

Daniel Ola Canada ReviewWhile there are added benefits you get, for me, apart from #2, the best thing is getting the direct contact of the immigration expert – Ola where you are shown what to do when you are stuck at any point.

This to me is the premium option for this blueprint.

So when you get this blueprint, you will have direct access to Mr. Daniel Ola’s Email and Whatsapp number for private communication.


A few benefits I have chosen to leave out are as follows:

  • Access to Mr. Daniel Ola’s private Canada telegram group chat where you will get his personal help.
  • Frequent Updates on the state of the RNIP program since it will last but for a few years.
  • How to meet the required LOW IELTS needed.
  • How to get a Canadian phone number while in Nigeria, and lots more.


Over To you.


Do you think that with this guide and Mr. Ola on WhatsApp, Email, and Telegram for direct communication, you can BEAT GUESS WORK and scale through Canadian Permanent Residency via the RNIP in 6-9 months from now?

If your answer is yes, then click here to get the RNIP by Ola’s Blueprint.


Why should you act fast?

Regardless of whether you get Ola’s Canada Blueprint or not, you need to act fast if you are applying for RNIP.


Because every new government means new visa and immigration policies for immigrants.

So, since this current regime favors Nigerians and other Africans seeking relocation to Canada, you want to ACT FAST before there is a change or shut down of the relocation path since it is designed but for a few years.

All in all, if you can do it without the guide then get started ASAP.

And if you need a hands-on guide on it plus all the related benefits you get from Ola’s RNIP guide & supports, then use the Blueprint and get started.

That is all about the Rural and Northern Canada Immigration Pilot Review by Daniel Ola.

Do have a great day, and #Act Fast.

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