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Just a few days ago we shared the first Canadian Immigration Express Entry Draw of 2020, which was a few days ago.

And just day before yesterday, the second Canadian Immigration Express Entry Draw of 2020 result was out.

The CRS Points for 22nd January’s Express Entry

If you can recall, the January’s 8th Canadian draw CRS cutoff point was 473 points. What the latest?

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score cut-off threshold was 471 points.

In the latest January 22 Express Entry draw for immigration to Canada, just 3,400 candidates will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

Selection Consideration for the Latest 22nd January’s Express Entry Pool?

This is an all-program draw, so candidates in any Express Entry-aligned program are eligible.

Once again, the tie-breaking rule was applied for the January 22 draw which means that not all candidates with 471 points will receive an Invitation to Apply.

Like always those who submitted their Express Entry profile earlier will be favored first. And if you did that around May 2019, you can count yourself in.

The big question now…

Will The CRS Score Go Below 450 In 2020?

For those wanting to jump in and submit their Express Entry profile, the truth is, it is impossible to predict the next CRS points as there are so many factors to consider to weigh the next threshold points.

But the big point is getting ready for your Express Entry selection. You can do that for free here and if you need further help, check out the “3 Pathway Cookbook”.

The cookbook shows you how to submit your profile and a lot more to consider.

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