The Sure way to Successfully Immigrate to Canada from Nigeria with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Hi, welcome to Relocation Garland.

Before you think of any question, I would like to say that this is the legitimate guide to relocate to Canada from Nigerian with a provincial nominee program.

One of the basic questions remains, “how are Nigerians in Canada fairing or how can I apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria?

If any of the above sounds like you, you will get every detail you need to get started.     

Disclosure #1: this is not for you if you want to relocate using an agent or agency. 

Disclosure #2. Sure enough, this article cannot cover every single aspect of immigrating to Canada. However, if you want to know more about the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, this is for you.


Why Have I Finally Written This Rugged Path To Relocating To Canada From Nigeria?

I am pessimistic that at the end of this journey, you will be able to start packing your bags and finally telling friends that you will be leaving for Canada, in the next 6-9 months of processing.

Truth is, you don’t have to wait till 2021 before you start your Provincial Nominee Program relocation process from Nigeria.

Just to add to that, I got this verified informant that the Government of Manitoba projects a labor shortage of over 20,000 skilled workers by 2020.

What does that mean? A vacuum to fill. 

That’s why Manitoba was the first Canadian province to establish its own immigration program, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

Each year, some 15,000 immigrants arrive in Manitoba. The outcomes for internationally experienced workers who immigrate through the MPNP are positive.

According to a recent survey, 85 per cent of Manitoba nominees were working three months after arrival, 76 per cent were homeowners within five years and 95 per cent of families settled permanently in the community.

Whether you simply want to visit Manitoba to explore our rich cultural history and natural beauty, come to Manitoba to work temporarily or immigrate to our province through one of the available options, including the world-renowned Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, in this section you will find everything you need to know to be successful.

Are you good to go? If yes, scroll the page down… 

Before you Relocate To Canada from Nigeria – things to consider

So, you are ready to move to Canada from Nigeria, right? Good. But before that, let’s answer some unsurprisingly easy questions about immigrating to Canada. By answering these simple questions, you should have positioned yourself with the right tip beats to match forward.

Verifying International Passport and the Cost

Before we think of relocating to Canada from Nigeria, one of the cardinal factors is knowing the cost and where to verify your international passport.

To cut the matter short, all the verifications about your international passport can be found on the Nigerian Immigration website, however, the most important thing is the cost and the necessary modalities.

Although this article was not billed to be a long one, hitherto, I don’t see any sense in keeping vital information from you. Why? It is certain that if I don’t answer now, you guys will ask me via PM or email.


The Current Price of International Passport in nigeria (as of August 2019)

Of course, the cost of a Nigerian International Passport has to do with the pages of the passport and your age.

Below are some of the best-related prices.
















N20,000+ (little fractions)







Please Note: the prices may vary by the time you check it out – based on the Naira-Dollar exchange rate and other minor factors.

Okay, that is all about Verifying International Passport and the Cost to get it delivered.

Nigerians In Canada – How Far Is Life?

Relocating to Canada from Nigeria

A lot of things have centered on the question “how are Nigerians in Canada living? Well,

First of all, as a Nigerian living in Canada, one of the things you’ll notice there is the huge difference between your Naija life back home and here in Canada.

Lest I forget, everything, from public transit to health care has a well-defined system.

Let’s go deeper so you see how Nigerians in Canada are living to the fullest.


#1. Climate:

The climate is completely different!

There are some provinces that are super cool and cold. If you know that you cannot survive in sometimes -40 degree Celsius weather (Edmonton, Alberta), then you might want to reconsider the other provinces.

The best way to live here is learn how to adapt quickly by with the aid of thermal wears and fleece-lined jackets.


#2. Social Life:

This varies but depending on your personality, it might be very difficult for you to have a social life here.

Of course, you can’t take away the fact that Canadians are the most hospitable people on earth, nevertheless, some things here are very different.

Best way to keep up with your social life is by planning hiking trips, tours trips & dinner with your co-workers or classmates.

Again, night life is also pretty much a thing here (most especially in the major cities).

The conclusion for Nigerians living in Canada is, as long as you are hardworking, law abiding, friendly and smart, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay in Canada.


Easiest Province To Get PR In Canada for Nigerians

It is one thing to ask about the easiest province to Get PR in Canada, but, have you considered the culture and climatic conditions? Well, since you did not ask me that, let’s go on.

Now, the easiest province to Get PR in Canada for Nigerians is Manitoba.

Although with the Express Entry Program, you can jump around to choose where to live in Canada, also, with the fact that Manitoba is majorly a French speaking province, it turns out that a lot of Nigerians mostly live there.

Each year, some 15,000 immigrants arrive in Manitoba. The outcomes for internationally experienced workers who immigrate through the MPNP are positive.

According to a recent survey, 85 per cent of Manitoba nominees were working three months after arrival, 76 per cent were homeowners within five years and 95 per cent of families settled permanently in the community.

Later on, at the end of this journey you will get a Bonus Guide I got from the Manitoban Province. It’s called the “a newcomer’s guide to City of Morden, Manitoba”.



(What you want to do with the book is print it out so you can digest it with the graphic contents easily)

Here is an excerpt from the Guide –

Welcome Home

As you begin your new life in Morden, we are confident that you will quickly feel welcome and realize that you made the right decision to make Morden your new home.

Our community is made up of people from all over the world who have chosen to make Morden their home. We all have similar goals and dreams for ourselves, our families and our community. Aside from building a better community, inclusiveness is mandated by a variety of Canadian laws, as well as countless social protocols.

It is against Canadian culture and laws to belittle or discriminate against anyone based on any protected quality, such as: race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Morden is known for its welcoming and inclusive nature.

Join us in welcoming the world to Morden!” – How sweet.

I believe I have answered the question of easiest province to get PR in Canada for Nigerians.


How To Apply For Jobs In Canada From Nigeria

How To Apply For Jobs In Canada From Nigeria, really? Well, you can start applying or looking out for Jobs by getting registered on the Canadian Job Bank Website.

No matter what I will say here, there are those that will believe that there is no job in Canada. Well, maybe true, however, you will find a search for over 105,005 job postings in Canada.

Here is the website – Just subscribe for the jobs there and get notified.


Relocate To Canada from Nigeria


Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Nigerians

Since we have shown how to apply for a job in Canada from Nigeria, let’s go on to see the Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada.

Based on the high numbers of applicants and the province in question, preference for selection will be given to applicants who have recent experience as:

#1. Welders

#2. Early Childhood Educators (children less than 5 years old)

#3. Manufacturing Supervisors

#4. Food Service Supervisors (fast food)

#5. Construction Managers

#6. Carpenters

#7. Painters and Decorators (Painter in manufacturing or construction setting)

#8. Cooks


How to Win the Employer Over in Canada


#1. Show Professionalism.

What do I mean?

You don’t have an excuse to getting a job. See no.2 and 8.

For no.2 you can easily get enrolled in a day care school and get the experience.

The best part is the letter of reference you will receive from the Day Care School which will boost your CRS point for selection (we will come to that soon).

#2. Start a Simple Food Blog

For no #8, what you want to do is start a blog on it.

If you are into food, start a Simple Food Blog (for a social proof).

This can benefit you in the future if you want, but for now, it’s to build your relocation chances – CRS Points.

Just gather about 30 foody articles with great pictures and put together, and click publish. What will this do? You will convince you employee the more.

Will this work? You are a Jew if you don’t believe.

I got accepted and currently working with 3 top American Brands. How? Because I put out myself as a Professional. With what? With my Pro Blog.

Although I have my success proofs and authority, as for you, you literally need a proof, so you can boost your authority with a simple food blog.

What of a welding or carpentry blog? 😎 

Hmmm, it’s rare but you can’t be the one not to break new grounds.

Where to start a beginner Food or Personal Blog? With Kinsta Company. (If you don’t want failure with Naija companies).

Shoul you need a cheaper company, I have also used (preferably if you can optimize your website for speed)


#3. Build a Powerful Resume.

See, you’ve got no excuses because there are many Free Online Certificate Courses you can use and boost your chance of landing a good job in Canada. Just Google them out.

What else?

I shall update the post if I find another great step to increasing your job landing chance in Canada.

How To Relocate To Canada with Provincial Nominee Program against 2020


#1. Understanding Permanency Residency in Canada

We will see what it means for you to be a permanent resident in Canada.


#2. Relocation to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is a relocation process whereby you get “Recommended” by a Canadian Province for permanency.

This is it. Each of the Canadian Provinces has its immigration program requirements for potential immigrants that will fit into the economic wellbeing of the Province.   

Together there are 13 unique provinces in Canada.

Let’s say a Province in Canada is Akwa-Ibom State.

We know that Akwa-Ibom State is rich in Oil and Gas, so, if they were to conduct a provincial program for foreigners, they probably would accommodate those that studied Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and related.

Now as per your application, if your profile fits in, you will be recommended by Akwa-Ibom State government though her immigration commissioner to start your relocation process.

As for Canadian relocation,

The final decision still lies with the Canadian Government as represented by the Minister of Immigration.

Please Note:

The MPNP reserves the right to limit the intake of or exclude from draws Expressions of Interest in specific occupations with a high volume of existing submissions and/or application inventories, evidence of a limited employment outlook and other significant barriers to employment in Manitoba. 

Skip if you get it or still don’t get it?

When we talk of Province, what comes to your mind?

Now, a province in Canada is same as States in Nigeria. An example of a Province in Canada is Toronto. Others: Alberta and Quebec.

Based on their different PNP programs we have the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, Ontario Immigration Program, Quebec Immigration Program, Manitoba Immigration Program, New Brunswick Immigration Program, Newfoundland Immigration Program and a lot more provinces/programs. Hope you’ve grabbed this now. 

Relocating to Manitoba, Canada from Nigeria

Manitoba is a province in Canada that is among the popular Canadian Nominee programs. Truth is, as a Nigerian, Manitoba’s’ is your best bet.

The diversity of Manitoba’s growing industries and economic sectors keeps our unemployment rate low. Good wages, safe working conditions, generous benefits and workers’ rights are some of the highlights of working in Manitoba.

Plus, with Manitoba’s low cost of living, and high standard of government services such as health care and education, the province offers an affordable, high-quality lifestyle.

Sure enough, the Manitoban Provincial Program runs in many ways, however, based on processed supervision, 1 route is best for you as a Nigerian. That is Direct Application without the consideration of creating a profile in the Express Entry pool.

Who Cannot Apply To The Manitoban Provincial Nominee Program?

The following are not eligible to submit an application to the MPNP:

 💡 Refugee claimants, or individuals involved in a federal appeal or removal process

 💡 Live-in Caregivers currently living in Canada

 💡 Temporary foreign workers currently working and residing in a province other than Manitoba

 💡 Spouses of Canadian citizens or permanent residents

 💡 Individuals who have been refused by the MPNP within the last six months and who are not able to address the reason(s) for refusal

 💡 Individuals who have an active immigration application with any other provincial immigration program in Canada.

How to Stand a High Chance in the Manitoban Provincial Nominee Program from Nigeria


#1. Through the support of family members or friends:

This option puts you in front of the queue to be favored. The connection here can be a friend, family, or whatever.


#2. A prior Educational or skill/Work Experience:

if you have had an educational background in the province you will also stand a high chance of being nominated. 


#3. Through an Invitation to Apply

This has to do with an Invitation to Apply received directly from the MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.


Click here to test your eligibility

How To Relocate To Manitoban With No Support Of Family Members Or Friends | A Prior Educational Or Skill/Work Experience


I’m sorry if the best 2 methods above are not favorable.

But about the 2nd, make sure to think clearly that you DO NOT HAVE any one in Canada. Why? You might have 1 Uncle or Aunty but you just don’t remember. Let’s go on even if you’ve failed the eligibility test.

The way out is no. #3. Relocating to Manitoba through an Invitation to Apply

This can be a mere luck or a breakthrough for you. How do I mean? Do you know those Free Seminars personnel from Overseas organize for interesting Nigerians to apply to study or relocate abroad? That is what this method is all about.

Also, activities to undertake during an exploratory visit include: meeting with prospective employers; consulting with occupational regulatory bodies, and exploring housing, school and lifestyle opportunities in your chosen Manitoba community.

Let’s go on.


How the Manitoban Invitation to Apply Works

The MPNP for Skilled Workers regularly issues Invitations to Apply to qualified candidates who are identified as part of one of their Strategic Recruitment initiatives in Manitoba and overseas. Issuance of an Invitation to Apply is at the sole discretion of the MPNP, so, you as an applicant cannot self-select for eligibility with this connection to Manitoba.


Required documents

To apply to the MPNP with the connection of Manitoba Invitation, you must upload in MPNP Online the Letter of Invitation you received directly from the MPNP after being interviewed by a program officer during a recruitment mission or exploratory visit.

The 2 most important lines here are: mission or exploratory visit.

#1. Recruitment Missions

The MPNP regularly travels overseas on recruitment missions, often in partnership with Manitoba employers. If this happens, this is an opportunity for you to jump in and apply.

#2. Exploratory Visits

The MPNP accepts – only during set periods – expressions of interest to make an exploratory visit to Manitoba. Again, if this happens, this is an opportunity for you to jump in and apply

Eligibility criteria to participate in visits and missions are subject to change but generally include that you:

 💡 are between the ages of 21 to 45

 💡 can satisfy the MPNP that you do not have a stronger connection to another province

 💡 can demonstrate the employability and adaptability required of all MPNP applicants

 💡 have completed at least a one-year, post-secondary education or training program for which you received a diploma, degree or certificate

 💡 have worked at least two years full-time in the past five years and can demonstrate your ability to find a job in Manitoba in that occupation (including plans to achieve licence/certification in the case of regulated occupations)

 💡 have the genuine intention and ability to economically establish and settle in the Canadian province of Manitoba as a permanent resident demonstrated, in part, with a Settlement Plan

 💡 Provide to the MPNP, at the time you apply to participate in the initiative, official results of an approved language test taken within the past two years showing you achieved scores equivalent to at least CLB 5 in each test category and overall.

Do you need IELTS for The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?


A lot of the questions I have been asked is, do you need IELTS – LANGUAGE TEST for The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program?

To make you happy, No!

To make you pro-active – Not really.

To make you serious about it. Yes.

Let me explain.

Just as the Manitoba Province has the right to choose the number of persons needed, they also have the right to require Language Test as COMPULSORY – for the year’s nomination program.

What do really mean?

Each nomination year eligibility is different. They may require Language Test for this year, and the next year, no, and it goes on. So, there is no sure answer that you will be asked of it. However, it is better to be armed with or without the Language Test – IELTS.

To make sure you get it, here is the information from “The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program commission”

Before starting, please familiarize yourself with the eligibility criteria of the MPNP as you may have to take a language test or fulfill other requirements prior to submitting an Expression of Interest.

In Quote “you may have to take a language test”.

So, that answers my consideration above. There is no guarantee that it will be asked of it. The best way out is to get started by registering for your relocation process + being prepared for it.


The good news in The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is that, the language test score –IELTS needed is fair. While the FEEP require an IELTS score of 6.5+ to be in the best safe, with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, an IELTS score of 5.0 puts you on the same shoe of those with 7.0 for FEEP IELTS.

With that being said, I chose not to make you happy, so, prepare as if you wanted to score 7.0 for it.

By the way, why is his a big deal? IELTS is just to test you on how you will communicate in Canada because they are not using Igbo or Yoruba as their official language. Hope you get it…

 There are GOOD IELTS courses to take. 

But I will give you my own Value of IELTS Questions and Tips to succeed + Bonuses. You will get it at the end of this article.

Language skills in Canada’s second official language: Your second official language for the purposes of the MPNP is considered the official language of Canada, English or French, in which you are less proficient. You should only indicate that you have language ability at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 or higher in Canada’s second official language if you are in possession of a valid language test as proof.


Canadian Language Benchmarks and IELTS Score Comparison


Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)

IELTS Listening

IELTS Reading

IELTS Writing

IELTS Speaking

CLB 11111
CLB 221.522
CLB 33.52.533
CLB 44.53.544
CLB 55455
CLB 65.555.55.5
CLB 76666
CLB 98777
CLB 108.587.57.5
CLB 1198.588
CLB 129999


To get started with IELTS, all you need is to register on the official IELTS site with the British Council.

The good news is that the IELTS Score with PNP is not as daring as the FEEP. With an IELTS score of 5-6, you can a good chance.


But how do you have a score of 6+ and above?

Practice, practice, and practice. You can even join extra-lessons or great IELTS Course if you want. 


But before that, I will give you more get my own share of value so you score like a professor. 😎 

I will give you FREE practice tests to help you prepare for the IELTS General test. Sounds fair enough? Good.

I tell you what? You do not want to take these practice guides for granted.

Understanding the Ranking System For Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program


By completing an Expression of Interest, you automatically receive a score based on a number of criteria. The highest-scoring candidates in the pool will be invited on a regular basis to provide a full application to the MPNP.

The criteria for Skilled Workers differs from the criteria for Business Investors. Further information on EOI Ranking criteria can be found in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and Business Investors sections.

A points-based system is used to assess and score your profile, and to rank you in the pool of Expressions of Interest. You will be assessed based on factors including your:

 💡 Language Ability

 💡 Education

 💡 Work Experience

 💡 Adaptability And other factors

These factors all play a role in your future economic success in Manitoba.

The goal of the Expression of Interest system is to ensure strong economic outcomes and long-term retention in Manitoba for those selected.

5 Steps to Relocating To Canada from Nigeria with the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program


– Step #1.

Submit your EOI 

With the Manitoban Provincial Program, applicants are expected to submit their EOI – Expression of Interest.

Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) is your first step to immigration to Manitoba through the MPNP. If you are eligible under one of the Manitoban application streams, you will be able to submit an Expression of Interest.

What Do You Submit?

If you are eligible, all you will need to do is complete a series of questions online. At this point, you are not required to upload supporting documentation before submitting their profile into the EOI pool.

Your profile will be placed in a pool with other eligible candidates and you will receive a score based on the answers you provide.

From your score they will then rank you using several factors and if you are among the highest-scoring candidates, you may be invited to submit an application to the MPNP.

The good news is that there are no limits on the number of candidates who can submit an Expression of Interest and no deadline. The information you provide will help them determine if you are eligible to immigrate through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

How to Submit your EOI?

#1. Go to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program website.

#2. Click on Immigrate to Manitoba to get started.

#3. Submit your application and move to the next step.

Upon your application, you have to wait for the response. What is the response all about?

Answer: if your EOI point as required by the Manitoban Province fits it your cut of point, you will be given a Legal Letter of Advice to apply.

So, you are eligible, let’s move on.

The “Official” Manitoban EOI website  


– Step #2.

Letter of Advice to Apply/Document Upload

Since you are eligible, what to do here is upload your documents as a confirmation for your data in the EOI to be verified. No need to worry as the valid documents needed will be revealed to you.

It’s important to note that from the time of your Letter of Advice to Apply issuance, you have just 3 months – to upload your data/documents.

This is the official statement:

If you receive a LAA, you have 60 days to submit a complete application to the MPNP and you will have to provide documents to support the information you provided to us in your Expression of Interest.

If you provide false or misleading information in your EOI, it may be considered misrepresentation. Your application could be refused and you may be subject to a ban which would prevent you from applying to the MPNP for a period of two years.

Please, be pro-active and act. Let’s go on to settlement plan.


– Step #3.

Settlement Plan

Image result for settlement plan manitoba

Within the 3 months to uploading your documents, you will be required to submit your settlement plan.

All you need to do here is tell them why you decided to choose Manitoba and not the other provinces. You may also be asked for your work experiences and related questions.

The best step…Wasssssssssssaaaa 😎 


– Step #4.

Receive your Nomination Certificate

Image may contain: text

Did you say Amen to the above?

 I mean. Me: Receive your Nomination Certificate

You: Amen. 😉 

From the time of document submission, it will take just 14 days to get a response. You will get an acceptance response for the Manitoban Province if your application was approved. Of course, it will so start packing your travelling bags. 


– Step #5.

Apply for Permanent Residence in Canada

When should you begin the process of applying for Permanent Residence in Canada? If you really want to pack your bags, do it immediately you receive your Manitoban Nomination Certificate.

What you will be required to do here is submit your paper application. How do you know what and what to submit?

Good news:

Since you’ve been nominated, all the documents you will need to submit is BOLDLY STATED on the Nomination certificate.

The End of the process….welcome to Canada.

One more point before we go.


Use a Valid Email

One of my clients surprised me by the fact that she had no email account. Please and please, get a valid email account.

I recommend Gmail.

Also, check your spam folder often in case a good email slipped into it.

I recommend you use this email account only for the relocation process to Canada.



(IELTS Speaking Topics for September – December 2019)
Pass IELTS Exams in Nigeria


Do You Really Want To Move To Manitoba From Nigeria?

If you are serious and want to move to Manitoba, here is the greetings the mayor of Morden, Manitoba sent you.

Greetings from the mayor of Morden! 

You have selected a great new home.
Few places in the world can offer the range of opportunities you will find here in terms
of natural beauty, culture, education, recreation, housing, health care, business potential – and an exceptional quality of life. Morden is a wonderful, friendly place, but
we need you and your contributions as a neighbor, a parent, an employee, a business
partner, a volunteer, a citizen – to continue to grow and thrive.
It is our genuine hope that this Newcomer’s Guide and the
resources listed within, will answer some of the most essential
questions about life in Morden and help you make it your home.
Respectfully I remain,

Image result for Ken Wiebe, Mayor
Ken Wiebe, Mayor

There you have it. The AB-Z guide on relocation as a Permanent Resident to Canada from Nigeria with Provincial Nominee program.

Overwhelmed by the Process, Already?

Please don’t be.

Just as many have, the question may ask further… I need a simple step-by-step Blueprint I can hold handy and follow through the process.

If that is you, I have this value to give you. I recommend you check out “Permanent Resident in Canada Blueprint in Canada”.

I give the best value of information I can because you might be the one to send me $1,000 CAD when you land in Canada. Why? Because I helped you out.

If you need a comprehensive package to use as a guide to process your WES, IELTS, Entry Profile, ITA, PR application and response in Canada, then I recommend the PR Blueprint by Victor Jegede.


Why Do I Recommend This Blueprint?


It’s worth it for ther Value you get – on a platter of gold.

I can only recommend a great product to you because this report alone (you just read) has taken me weeks to put together, so, the Blueprint is an advanced guide to complement your efforts.

What to do is print it out and tick each step you finish.

It’s just a full stop guide to moving to Canada as PR as a Nigerian.


Based on the value I have gotten from the Blueprint already, you will see more but the ones I choose to list out are the following.

For the Federal Express Entry Program


His advanced Steps on how he finally relocated to Canada.


How to relocate to Canada using either FEEP or PNP.


An overview of your CRS point encompassing your family size and most importantly your age.


How to logically create and submit your Express Entry Profile with graphics.


How the Express Entry Program links with Provincial Program works.


How to create a successful evaluation profile with WES with graphics.


An exclusive comprehensive LIST of IELTS lessons. So, you may not need extra lessons on it.


Where + the Top favorable Provinces for Nigerians to settle in Canada.


Job prospects in Canada as a Nigerian.


A list of financial implication your need to consider upfront.


How to land ‘’Land’’ Your First Job in Canada as a New Immigrant from Nigeria.


His official contact he uses in Canada should you have more questions or confused at any steps.

For the Provincial Nominee Program


How to Apply for PNP outside the Express Entry Route.


How to Write your Settlement Plan.


The A-Z Steps to getting your Letter of Advice to Apply.


How to Apply for Provincial Permanent Residency in Manitoba


The other Canadian Provinces to try out.

PR Canada Blueprint Bonuses

To add to your PR in Canada Relocation Ministry, I will add the following boss’s bonuses for you.

Bonus #1.

“Free IELTS practice tests”

Get the whole mastery on IELTS test format explained, IELTS preparation courses, Free IELTS practice tests, Computer-delivered IELTS preparation, Results and IELTS scores and etc.

Bonus #2.

“Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)

Access the CLB-OSA which is an online self-assessment tool for people who are interested in assessing their English as a Second Language (ESL)

Bonus #3.

“Degree Equivalency”

See how your credentials compare to U.S. standards instantly with this tool.

Just select the country you studied in, enter your credentials, and you will get your degree equivalency

Bonus #4.

“Scholarship Finder”

Paying for school can be expensive, so the Scholarship Finder tool was created to help you find the resources you need to fund your studies.

Bonus #5.

“How to get a police certificate”

Find out how and where to get a legal police certificate from Nigeria. 

How to get your 5 STAR Valued Bonuses



Please send a “purchase proof ” from your email to

When received your bonuses will be forwarded to you without a blink of an eye. 😎 


Thank you and have a great relocation process.


Thinking of how the Language Test will be like?

No Need as the Free Tests included in this Blueprint will help you as a Nerd.



Use this checklist to help you get ready for the tests.

✓ Make sure you are in a quiet space

✓ You have a headset ready for the listening test

✓ Give yourself enough time to complete the whole test because you cannot pause it

✓ Make sure you print or make the CLB-OSA Note Sheet for the listening test

✓ Answer the questions without assistance from friends or family

✓ Do not use a dictionary of any kind

✓ Complete the entire test for best results

✓ If you are not sure of an answer, make your best guess.

The End

Thank you for coming up to Relocation Garland. 

It’s been my pleasure to put in the work so bring this up. And I hope you take action so your time is greatly rewarded.

Inquiry/Support? Sure!

I have poured my energy to this already, so, don’t feel hesitant to contact me if you encounter any queries about the Blueprint or Process. 

Please use the email –  

and I will gladly respond to them.


Please Click to share with someone in need



What I’m I giving you this time?


Bonus #2

“iGPA Calculator”

This iGPA (international grade point average) Calculator will help you see how your grades compare on the 4.0 grading scale used in the U.S.


Bonus #3

“A Newcomer’s Guide Book To City Of Morden, Manitoba” 

This is the guide book that shows you the new life and everything  you need to know in Canada. 


Bonus #4

“A Newcomer’s Guide to iEnglish” 

This tool is a set of resources and videos to give learners the tools they need to learn independently and to approach learning outside of the classroom in an effective way.

Still Undecided?

Start your Relocation process today!

Use all the FREE Bonuses + the 5 + and have good Success.

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