Many take this as a new status de upgrade simply because they were offered a $1,000 job move to abroad from Nigeria. Truth is, $1000 in Nigeria is a great big deal per month, but in abroad? No babe. You better NOT consider the Nigerian exchange rate when you start paying €12 for a plate of meal.

N1m Spent On My First Month Abroad from Nigeria

“My first month abroad I had spent N1m. Then euro was still like N220. Make I burst una head; I was living in the ghetto those first months. I was even sharing room wit two other guys So you hear say cleaner dey earn $1,900 no be enjoyment O”.

We will soon come back to this story. Let’s lay basic foundations.

Moving Abroad from Nigeria? Learn First!

It might be funny, but if you don’t do your proper research, you might consider the following as Lola Coker of Resource Nigeria said in an article on Sheleadsafrica.

In her words,

“Employers want what you’re offering. Diaspora Nigerians (aka repats) are the ideal package for employers as they help bridge the capacity gap in-country while simultaneously fulfilling local content obligations.

As Nigeria becomes more globally competitive, repats are in the best position to maximize on the opportunities that accompany such growth.

Those on the fence about moving back are being seduced by the promise of endless champagne nights, parties, and lucrative money making ventures.

However, as likely as this may be, it’s extremely important to make sure that you are fully prepared for dealing with all sides of Nigeria, not just the glitz and the glam.

While the promise of opportunities in abroad is the first phase, the next big consideration is the factors pushing people to leave sub-Saharan Africa.

Of course, the paths they take to arrive at their destinations – vary from country to country and individual to individual.

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In the case of Europe, the population of sub-Saharan migrants has been boosted by the influx of nearly 1 million asylum applicants (970,000) between 2010 and 2017, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of data from Eurostat.

According to Pewresearch, more than half (51%) of sub-Saharan African migrants living in the U.S. as of 2017 were born in just four countries: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya, according to migrant population data from the United Nations.

With an endearing statistics like this, would you still want to relocate abroad from Nigeria? And before you answer, here is what a Nigerian said…

“Waiting tables is better than living in ‘no light, no water, no security’ Nigeria” – I. I.

So, before planning to relocate or moving to aboard from Nigeria, do your homework cause it pays in the long run.

Tired of frustration to relocate to Canada from Nigeria? We do things different with an A-Z Guide . 😎

Nigerians Leaving to Abroad Are Doing Extremely Well, A Myth?

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There is no dispute with the fact that there are thousands of opportunities for Nigerians moving abroad. Even with this, it’s equally important to have the basic skills in your area of expertise. And if you were to ask me, I would say, MS.Word, M.S Excel, and usage of the world wide web, to start with.

But there is a myth…

As Samuel Osho said,

an average African believes that folks living in Europe, Asia, South America and North America belong to an exalted social class; a superior class to the standard of living obtainable in Africa.

This perception can be attributed to the spontaneity of the social media which stimulates the vivacious side of Africans living in the diaspora.

Yeah, the above might be true, but more than 60% would seek a relocation from Nigerian if they had their way.

In fact, according to Pew Research Centre, report has it that 74% of Nigerians would live in another country if they had the opportunity.

According to the PEW Global research;

#a. The rate of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe was pegged at about 970,000 people between 2010 and 2017.

#b. About 400,000 people fleeing conflict from sub-Saharan Africa moved to the United States of America between 2010 and 2016. From that number,

#c. The United Nations reports that about 420,000 sub-Saharan African migrants lived in Europe in 2017 (4.15 million) than in 2010 (3.73 million), and that another estimated 1.55 million sub-Saharan African migrants lived in the U.S in 2017, an increase of about a 325,000 from 2010, when an estimated 1.22 million sub-Saharan African migrants lived in the country.

My First Month Abroad I Had Spent N1M

Tonton, a Nigerian with the handle @DiKachii, shared his travail upon moving to abroad from Nigeria.

Disclosure”: No Language edit – in the author’s voice. Enjoy.

My first month abroad I had spent N1m. Then euro was still like N220 o. Make I burst una head; I was living in the ghetto those first months. I was even sharing room wit two other guys So you hear say cleaner dey earn $1,900 no be enjoyment o.

2 months after that them diagnose me high blood pressure . I was near to passing out in the metro. Based on high bp. Lool

I was just asking myself why I leave Lagos se. Lagos wey i still dey manage dey enjoy life. This 1m per month abroad lifestyle shey if i been use that money open shop for onitsha shey e no for better?

Thank God for one lady, i now call my aunty. I did not know from anywhere. Somebody i dont know on Nairaland gave me her number. She told me to pass her house every evening to come and be eating.

She also offered to house me for some months till I find myself. Then I hadnt paid my health insurance. She then took her daughter to hospital for check up for no reason actually she didnt need to but because of me I was sick and she told me to follow her.

She now begged the doctor to check me to and write prescription for me. In retrospect, although she is naturally nice. I get where she is coming from now. When I house people here or lend them money to sort accommodation probs it’s because I rem what i went through too.

It was the same way she was just looking at me. New in a country no family no support nothing…

Shebi all that time I dey post IG pictures. E be like say all was well. I went through all these with a N1m per month budget oo. You wan come abroad come do cleaner because you hear say the salary na N700k. Ok oo goodluck just strong your mind thats my only advise.

This same city i have like 4 or 5 Nigerian close friends. Two including myself were diagnosed with high bp. At the time we were all U30…even U25. I cannot say any of them came from poor Nigerian backgrounds so no be say money no dey at all.

I can even say I was the poorest of them especially when you see that most of them had 2 or 3 siblings in london or US sending them foreign currency. Me my money was only naira. Civil servant money sef…

I know people I house for 2 weeks – 2months in my house because I know rent is a killer. People I don’t even know. I tell them stay and get yourself first then you can move. Mostly boys sha because for girls they usually think its another thing I’m offering but I can’t blame them

There was this nigerian network group I belonged to. There’s always one or two persons everytime with accomodation problems. That’s just one of the many problems. Just prepare your mind. Survivor bias too is real avoid it.

Sometimes ask yourself why is it that rich kids usually like to move back if not for visa restrictions? When they compare their nigerian lives and abroad lives. The decision is always easy to make.

Finally, there’s always so much one can say on bobrisky’s internet. Truth is you can never understand from outside until you enter. As humans, also as nigerians easily pulling out looks like failure so we stay in, stay put and fight.

However, life can be good. If and when you eventually find a good job or a stable income…built credit worthiness…or go to a good school. You will have your good life.

 At least I try to show that too. It is not always bad news. But there are bad news and its way way more brutal.

That was a true life story of DiKachii. Now, let’s see the fundamental stuffs you need to know before moving abroad from Nigeria.

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4 Things Nigerians Need to Know Moving Abroad

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I tell you the truth, no matter what you think or try to convince one that is in dire need to relocate to Canada as PR, you can’t blow away the fact that foreign countries, one of the bests, Canada, simply possess far greater prospects to anything Nigeria can offer most people, barring the affluent of the few in Nigeria. 

With this in mind, below are the few things you want to consider as a Nigerian Moving Abroad.        

#4. Settlement Plan

Like play-like play, lol, you will want a place to settle as you move abroad. Have you considered that?

If no, then you have to because no matter what you do, you will need a place to Settle – your funding to rescue you or sleeping under the breach is not far from happening (the homeless Nigerian abroad).

#3. Initial Funding

A country like Canada will give you about $800+ to manage through till you settle properly. Even with that, you will still have to show Proof of Funds cause they want no liability OR any bad experiences for you; it’s for your own good.

So, you’ve got to have your take-abroad funding.

#2. Basic Skills

By the way, some Nigerians said they got a job in their 1st month in Canada. Truth be told, they had something a company or an individual would pay for, right?

What have you?

If nothing, do you prefer to wash dishes at restaurants all in the name of moving to aboard or the common phrase “I stay in Europe”?
When confused, think about this…

“To do nothing is the way to be nothing.”
― Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Proper Research

The excitements of moving to abroad can be so intense that you forget to do a simple thing like Googling where you want to settle in.

Some wanting to move to Canada as PR think more of the visa and forget that International Passport is equally important.

If you do a prior/proper research, the advantage is that you may not experience the sad true life story we have seen above.

Pecky got a job in Canada with an interview while in Nigeria. We’ll show you how.

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Africa Is Beautiful: No, Thanks

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It is easy to scream on top of our voice that African is Black, beautiful and all one-nots. In fact we can be patriotic enough to hold this in our mind “Africa is beautiful and it is not a crime to be an African”.

But here is the thing, both the former and latter are true, nevertheless, you cannot stop a determined heart that wants to move aboard from Nigeria, perhaps they’ve had their fair share of struggles.

No doubts, it’s fine to want to move to abroad, also, it’s best you prepare ahead to avoid all sorts of surprises.

Over to you…

What else do you think one needs to consider moving to abroad from Nigeria?