No IELTS To Canada Guide By Victor Ola PDF + Review

How To Relocate To Canada Without IELTS By Victor Ola + PDF

You won’t be wrong to assume that any sane Nigerian wants to move out to a better country based on the current economic, financial, and overall well-being of the citizens.

Yesterday as I was coming back from my family home, I went to buy Garri for my fisherman’s soup I had prepared.

Pulling N1,000 to give the seller, behind me was an old woman of about 85 years or more untying her handkerchief and bringing out N100 for how many cups of Garri?

Answer – one.

Now, how do you explain the fact that a cup of Garri moved from 3 cups to 1 cup? How do these kinds of mothers survive? 😥 

At a point, I started being enraged because the matter was all over my head, but I had to tame my emotions and said to myself, no wonder why a lot of Nigerians are seeking ways to relocate out of this country.

It’s a pity that you can’t feel safe in your own country, getting epileptic power supply you pay fully for, poor roads leading to sudden deaths – like a family I saw yesterday on Twitter where a Dad, Step-Mom, and kid sister died in a ghastly accident along Kaduna-Abuja express way road or something.

Truth is, a lot of Nigerians are tired, hence, seeking ways to relocate and leave the country called Nigeria.

But as you might guess, one of the major problems for most Nigerians is how to relocate without IELTS or TOEFL.

And for those who want Canada, their big question is, can I relocate to Canada without IELTS?

That is, they want to go to heaven but they don’t want to die. Lol – just a joke.


On a more serious note, the big question should be, is it possible to relocate to Canada without IELTS?

The answer is yes, it is.

And while there are not many options out there except the one you are about to see today, if you are serious about moving out from Nigeria or any part of Africa to Canada then you are about to see how to go about it with the help of Victor Ola’s guide.

Let’s dive into it in full.  


The No IELTS To Canada Guide PDF By Victor Ola

The No IELTS To Canada Guide PDF By Victor Ola is an all-inclusive blueprint that does not just show you how to migrate to Canada without having to pay N79,000 for the IELTS test but samples of documents you need to get ready for preparation of your relocation process to Canada.

Without further ado, let’s review the PDF guide so you see if this is the right blueprint you want to buy for your Canada relocation process from Nigeria and any part of Africa.


NO IELTS To Canada Guide By Victor Video Review

How To Relocate To Canada Without IELTS By Victor Ola + PDF

canada without ielts courses

Here is everything you need to know about Canada without IELTS guide by Victor Ola.


1. Access Your No IELTS to Canada Guide by Victor Ola

Step 1. First off, to get the relocation blueprint, you have to purchase the course via the payment page.

From there you will have 2 options to access the course.

One (1), the blueprint will be sent to your email address, and two (2) login details to the training dashboard will be forwarded to you.

To get started, click here to get the NO IELTS to Canada guide PDF by Victor.


On the payment page, I used Paystack for the instant payment process, so, I recommend you use that as well.  

And for the email address option, “please” use an active email so you can get the course sent to you, and in case you want to contact victor you will use the same email – to verify you actually made the payment for the blueprint.

how to relocate to canada without ielts pdf

When done, scroll down and click on “Pay Now” to make payment.

Step 2. Go to the email address you used for the payment and get option 1 – login details to access the training.

And option 2 – all the courses will be sent to the same email address.

relocate to canada without ielts download

To log in, click the login link and enter both the password and username – the used email address.

how to relocate to canada without ielts by victor ola

Landing on the training dashboard, you can get started with the courses as enlisted. 

canada without ielts guide pdf

Option 2. You will still get the courses linked to you via the used email address. See below.

canada without ielts is possible


2. Relocate To Canada Without IELTS Download

As soon as you log into the training platform or via your email address, the first guide you will see is the “instructional manual”.

Soon after you go through it, you will see the main “No IELTS To Canada GUIDE”.

no ielts to canada guide pdf by victor ola

Overall, I recommend you download all these materials to your mobile phone or computer so you do not have to go to your email or login to access them always.

With the No IELTS to Canada GUIDE downloaded, you will have known everything about relocating to Canada without the trouble of IELTS or TOEFL.


3. Canadian University and College Application Guides

If you had seen the webinar by Victor you would have noticed that this relocation path is available, not just for those with first-class or with second class honor, but even those with NDs and secondary school.

So, the (1) and (2) guides will show you how to apply to the appropriate Canadian schools that suit your qualification.

no ielts to canada guide by victor ola pdf download

Opening the documents you will see the relevant schools in Canada and the link to apply.


4. Latest Study Visa Application Guide

For this document, you will see how to go about your study visa application.

The good thing is that this also comes in a video format so you can easily finish up and swing into action.


5. How To Apply for your Post Graduate Work Permit in Canada 

Opening this up you will see how to apply for your post-graduate work permit in Canada from Nigeria.

With this application, you can easily work part-time while you study in Canada.


6. How To Apply for Your Spouse Open Work Permit

Also, if you want to bring your spouse over to Canada, this particular blueprint will show you how to do that in real-time.

Just for your pleasure, I will quote the document so you know what this is all about.

“If you’re an International student who studying a full-time course with a valid study permit, your dependent partner or Spouse would be able to apply for an open work permit. SOWP empowers your spouse or common-law partner to work full time on or off-campus while you study”.

That is all about this section – all the instructions for you are detailed.

no ielts to canada guide victor ola


7. How To Apply For Scholarship

The first thing you need to know here is that scholarships are administered by the Canadian government, provincial governments, private foundations, and not-for-profit organizations, and Canadian schools.

Secondly, Graduate programs are basically of two types in Canada.

The first being thesis or research-based admission and the second course-based admission.

With this particular document, you will learn which is for you and how to go about the application process.


8. How To Bypass IELTS In Your Application – the big one.  

For most of us, the dearest reason we bought-and-we will buy this blueprint is this number 8 – that is how to Bypass IELTS. 😎 

With this document, you will get to know the right method to get an English proficiency waiver into designated learning institutions in Canada.

Also, you will find a free Sample Letter that will be used in place of IELTS.

how to relocate to canada without ielts guide

And lastly, you will get a list of Schools in Canada that do not require IELTS so you can move straight to your application process.


9. The Importance and How To write SOP 

The full meaning of SOP is “Statement of Purpose”

The SOP simply means stating your purpose for your student visa application.

Just a clue. This letter is all about sharing your experiences and giving a firm statement and/or a reason why you are eligible for any particular country where you want to study – and for you, it is Canada.

So, individual experiences and reasons won’t be the same as yours and vice versa.

And for your goodness, “the how, importance, and sample to use as a reference point” have all been covered for you.

no ielts to canada guide

Just as I reviewed in the video, there are a lot of resources for you to successfully relocate to Canada even if you are above 45 or 18, and ultimately, without an IELTS or TOEFL test.

But just before we close the review, let’s consider some real case studies of successful applicants.


10. Real Case Studies of Successful Applicants with the No IELTS to Canada Guide  

download no ielts to canada guide

On your training dashboard, you will see the real case studies of other Nigerian and Africans that successfully applied to this relocation route – the months – till completion.

For instance, here are 2 of the applicants’ real cases.


Application details:

Applied online 23rd Sept

Biometrics 24th October

Medical 12th Nov

Passport dropped 20th Nov

Passport collected 26th Nov


Application details:

Applied (online) – Aug 13

Biometrics- Aug 14

Call for medicals- Oct 7

Medicals done (Asaju) – Oct 8

Passport request – Oct 16

Passport dropped- Oct 17

Passport collected with TRV-Oct 21


Note – there are lots of Real Case Studies of Successful Applicants you will find in the No IELTS to Canada Guide Pdf by Victor Ola.

See more when you get the blueprint.


11. Victor Ola’s Contact and Communication

  • To contact Victor for any enquiries, you will need to use the same EMAIL ADDRESS you used in purchasing the course for identification to write to him via the email address as displayed on your training dashboard.
  • Alternatively, you will get a dedicated WhatsApp number you can have a chat with him.
  • And lastly, his telegram community is also opened for you to communicate easily.


Ready to start your relocation to Canada with no IELTS problem? If yes, click here to get the no IELTS to Canada guide.


Top Questions about the NO IELTS to Canada Guide Pdf

Who’s the NO IELTS to Canada guide by Victor Ola for?

This guide is for those who have tried relocation via the Express Entry route, Provincial Nominee, or other simple relocation routes and yet not successful.

This relocation process has room for those from 18 years to over 45 years, with a first degree or not.

And finally, this is for those who are willing to take action and start processing their relocation pursuits.


Who’s the NO IELTS to Canada guide by victor Ola NOT for?

First off, Victor is not an agent nor does he promise you for sure that you will relocate in the next 3 months.

Even if he said this “I would say – this is not possible”.

Canadian relocation in the next 3 months is not possible. Why is that?

Because you will need to start processing the required documents needed as documented in the guide.


How Do I Download The NO IELTS To Canada Guide By Victor Ola Pdf?

As I said before now, when you pay for the blueprint, you will be given 2 options to download the guide.

Option 1 – sent to your email address, and two (2) – you will get login details to access the training dashboard.


Final Note on how to relocate to Canada without IELTS by Victor Ola

The guide about relocation to Canada without IELTS or TOEFL exam is what I had been looking for since 2019 or thereabout.

So, when I saw this guide last year I was super excited as I had to jump at it and make payment which you have seen in the full review today.

By human judgement, I would say that the resources in the blueprint are worth the price and even more.


For the fact that you have a good support system is a great morale booster in that you can ask questions and get answers.

Finally, I would pinpoint that it is one thing to ask if Canada relocation from Nigeria/Africa without IELTS or TOEFL exam is possible, but another to take action and start processing the documents needed.

If you are buying the guide for yourself, I recommend you get the blueprint and start the process ASAP.

And if you are processing for your child then get the course and guide him/her on what to do because the earlier you get started with the process the better their application processing/acceptance.


 ➡ Click here to get the NO IELTS to Canada guide PDF by Victor Ola



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