Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint by Victor Jegede Review

Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint



Please, kindly note that this particular program by Victor Jegede is outdated. Nonetheless, he came up with version 3.0 of the relocation program called “The Canadian Relocation and Mentoring Blueprint 3.0.

From the finding, this particular version 3 program is more of relocating to Canada from Nigeria, and from Canada to the UK using the Study Route Process.

Below you can watch Victor’s presentation to see what the new course is all about.

You can check out the Canadian Relocation and Mentoring Presentation


Alternative to the Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint by Victor Jegede

If you need a similar program to the former program which is the Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint by Victor Jegede, I recommend you check out “The Canada Express Entry Masterclass” by Oluseyi Obasi.

Click here to check out The Canada Express Entry Masterclass


Contacting Victor Jegede or Oluseyi Obasi.

A lot of us have been asking HOW TO CONTACT VICTOR JEGEDE OR OLUSEYI Obasi.

Kindly note that you can’t contact these people UNLESS you are their students – which means, you get their relocation programs – to be accountable to you.

So, instead of asking for my personal WhatsApp to get to them, you can cut the chase and talk to them instead and directly when you get their Canadian Relocation Coaching Program.

Just take your time and see which of the relocation routes you want to take, check out their programs, and if it ticks your boxes, you get it and go on from there with their counsel.  


P.S – I AM NOT Victor Jegede or Oluseyi Oasi, or Victor Ola, so, do not ALLOW any scammer to deceive you and take your money. If you want to work with any of the relocation program coaches, get their programs and have direct access.

>> Check out The Canadian Relocation and Mentoring Blueprint 3.0 by Victor Jegede

>> The Canada Express Entry Masterclass by Oluseyi Obasi

>> No IELTS To Canada Guide By Victor Ola PDF + Review


I would like to say that if you think living in Canada is what you want, then don’t allow the delays and uncertainties around this time to discourage you.

I remember a time in my life when it seemed everything I was doing about my immigration plans were wrong.

Some of the things I eventually resolved will be the things I will be sharing with you today in form of advice.

As continued by Victor Jegede in his email to his students, he said,

Keep busy. Make sure you are doing something.

As a matter of fact, it helps that you don’t have a gap/period in your life that can’t be accounted for.

In many Canadian immigration application forms, they always want to know what you have been doing in the last 5 years without a gap.


Don’t wait until an opportunity shows up before you start running around.

If it’s in your plan to come to Canada, start gathering your documents especially those ones that take time to get like Credential Evaluation Report.


Those were just a few tips from Victor Jegede if you are his relocation student or have bought the “Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint.

But before we see the main review of the permanent residency in Canada blueprint by Jegede, I will tell you why we bought this blueprint and lastly what you will get if you buy it as well.



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