Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint by Victor Jegede Review 2021

Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint

I would like to say that if you think living in Canada is what you want, then don’t allow the delays and uncertainties around this time to discourage you.

I remember a time in my life when it seemed everything I was doing about my immigration plans were wrong.

Some of the things I eventually resolved will be the things I will be sharing with you today in form of advice.

As continued by Victor Jegede in his email to his students, he said,

Keep busy. Make sure you are doing something.

As a matter of fact, it helps that you don’t have a gap/period in your life that can’t be accounted for.

In many Canadian immigration application forms, they always want to know what you have been doing in the last 5 years without a gap.


Don’t wait until an opportunity shows up before you start running around.

If it’s in your plan to come to Canada, start gathering your documents especially those ones that take time to get like Credential Evaluation Report.


Those were just a few tips from Victor Jegede if you are his relocation student or have bought the “Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint.

But before we see the main review of the permanent residency in Canada blueprint by Jegede, I will tell you why we bought this blueprint and lastly what you will get if you buy it as well.

First off, who is Victor Jegede?


Who is Victor Jegede?

Victor is/was a Nigerian who had the same vision you have today to relocate to Canada after trying many times and spending a lot of money on agents but never succeeded in his relocation pursuit.  


“What do I mean that he “Was a Nigerian?” – maybe Victor has gotten the Canadian Citizenship having lived for 3 years now.


With a family of 4, he sorted and tried many ways to relocate to Canada with lots of failures, but as he never gave up after vigorous studies on the way forward he was able to finally relocate to Canada 5 years ago with his family.

As of the time of writing, Víctor Jegede lives in Manitoba, Canada.

See the definition of the town below.


Victor Jegede in Manitoba

Victor Jegede in Manitoba

Victor Jegede lives in the Swan River town in Manitoba, Canada.

According to the media house – Wikipedia – Swan River is a town in the province of Manitoba, Canada.

It is surrounded by the Municipality of Swan Valley West in the Swan River Valley region.

Swan River acts as the hub to the surrounding communities of Minitonas, Benito, Bowsman, Birch River, and the other communities in the valley.


Victor Jegede Video Presentation

Having done it himself without an agent or spending millions of Naira on immigration Agents, Victor coupled his relocation steps for any Nigerian who wishes to take the same bold steps and relocate to Canada using the Express Entry or the Provincial Nominee program.

While he has gone on to help other Nigerians which you will see later in the video presentation, let’s tell you why we are reviewing the permanent residency in Canada blueprint by Victor Jegede and why we bought it.


Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint

First off, the Victor Jegede Canadian Blueprint is a relocation course that shows you how to successfully relocate to Canada without spending a dime on agents.

Because he did it himself and today is enjoying all the benefits of being a permanent Resident in Canada /Citizen, he is happy to guide you too.

We had to first of all buy the Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint to show you what you will get before you pull out money to buy.

In that case, at the end of this review, you will have known and decided if this is worth the investment in your journey to Canada as a permanent resident.

Here we go.


Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint by Victor Jegede Review

As already discussed, this relocation program shows you the exact steps Jegede used to cross over to Canada from Nigeria.

To access the video presentation, click on this link.

When you click the above link you will be taken to the presentation page below.


Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint By Victor Jegede Review a


WATCH THE free lesson and decide if it fits into what you want.

And if yes, then click on Yes, I Want the Blueprint >>” to get it


When clicked, the button will take you to the payment page as shown below.

Canadian visa application with jegede


When you make the payment you will get access to the blueprint.


Access the PR Blueprint in your Email Address or the Download page

Excluding his email updates and video lessons, after the payment, you will get a link to access the blueprint.

access Canada blueprint by jegede victor

Alternatively, you can access the relocation blueprint via the email account you used when ordering the blueprint. 

See below.

victor jegede canada blueprint review

Scroll down to download more.  

victor jegede blueprint


Victor Jegede Canada blueprint Cost

The cost of Victor Jegede’s Canada blueprint is N17,000 (as of the time of writing).


PS: Click here to access the Victor Jegede relocation video/presentation.


Here is a video review of the same.


The Benefits of Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint

Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint By Victor Jegede Review 2020


1. Access to Victor via his Email

When once you order the PR in Canada blueprint you automatically become Victor’s student who is liable to respond to your queries.

To access victor, just reply to his emails or copy the email address as highlighted in your email inbox and send him your queries (if you have one). See below.


contact victor jegede


So, the first confidence is that you have first-hand access to ask him questions considering your relocation matters as described in the video presentation you just saw.


2. Popular Jobs Options for you (New Immigrants)

While others are trying to figure out where and the popular jobs in Canada you have the privilege to get a list of them from Victor.

That is the power of direct communication.

From one of the links in your email, you will check out all the popular job options for new Nigerian immigrants in Canada.


3. Where to Settle in Canada

As a new immigrant, you might be wondering how your change of environment will turn out to be. 😎

Be not afraid. Why?

One of the questions answered by Victor is guiding you on the choice of where to settle in Canada.

That way, instead of worrying about the little stuff you concentrate all your energies on things that truly matter.


4. Preparatory Materials for IELTS

Still from the victor Jegede Blueprint, you will access IELTS materials that helped him as well.

I don’t know about you but I think this makes sense as you don’t have to buy extra materials for IELTS.

(If you think this makes sense then leave a comment in the comment section).


5.  Common Errors Made by Applicants

There are a lot of excited or naive Nigerian immigrants out there who will do nothing but spoil their relocation chances.

According to Victor, he said,

Over the years, I have come to the realization that many applicants who get the Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) do not really understand what needs to be done within the 60 days given.

This is why he explained in an email so you know some common errors in most application which if not corrected, leads to nomination application denial.

The major mistake is the mismatch between the information.

For instance, rounding up years of work experience wrongly.

An applicant who has worked for 3years and 11months who quoted 4years in his EOI but submitted documents to reflect a total of 3years, 11months as counted from the date of submission.

This has led to denials of some applications.

So, with the help of Victor, you will know the right steps to take.


There are other things left out which you will check them out when you get the blueprint.

But for now, here is an extra bonus for you.


6. Bonus: Access to a Verified Canadian Immigration Community 

Now I am offering this as an add-on benefit because you deserve it. Why?

As far as you invest in your future then I am here to give you all the supports I can so your dream is actualized.

So, immediately you order Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint, kindly contact me and get the verified link to access the community where you can ask extra questions if you have them (even out of what Jegede covers – that’s the sweetest spot).  

But the assurance is, you will find lots of questions already answered for you.

All you will need to do is spend some hours and take notes on the most important.

Just before I forget, here is the link to contact me for the verified Canadian community.


The Pros of Victor Jegede Canada Blueprint

  • Direct communication with Victor
  • Ask him questions where you need help (I’m sure you do have questions right now).
  • Access preparatory materials for IELTS.
  • Get the right information on where to settle in Canada.
  • Get updates on what’s current in your immigration province.
  • Save money upfront you would have wasted on agents.


Cons of Jegede Canada Blueprint

  • Not all the resources are in video format.

While there are videos to follow along, most of the sections have infographics (images & texts as on this page) for you to follow the guide carefully.

Well, I think since you have firsthand contact with him you can always communicate where you are stuck.


The Assessment summary

Of all the reasons to get Victor’s Blueprint on permanent residency in Canada, which of them are your most preferred benefits?

For me, I think #1. Access to communicate with him and #2. Avoiding common errors made by applicants which can stop your relocation chances.


Why do I choose #2 along with #1?

One thing you must consider is, Canada is not any type of random country when it comes to immigration matters.

If you must relocate then you need to get things DONE the right way.

Also, try to be free from problems and police cases because you will be asked to submit a police report (you should be clean to avoid extra work for you).


Conclusion of Permanent Residency in Canada Blueprint by Jegede

Relocating to Canada is the ideal dream of many Nigerians.

Also, it should be noted that Canada is the most preferred for Nigerians relocating when you compare other countries such as the USA, UK, and Australia.

Of course, I won’t start now to list out the benefits of being a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident.

Talking about being a Citizen.

As soon as you live 3 out of 5 years in Canada as a Nigerian Immigrant, you are free to apply for Canadian citizenship if that is what you want.


Applying as a Canadian Permanent Resident

If can process your Canadian visa relocation process on your own then you can get started today via the Canadian immigration website.


On the other hand, if you want to do it once and the right way with proper communication for guidance, plus avoid the common errors made by applicants then I recommend you check out Jegede’s Canadian PR blueprint – you can always go back to the guide or contact him if you need help.

Over to you.


Of all the reasons to get Jegede’s Blueprint, which benefits do you prefer the most?

Let me know in the comment section.


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