How do you prepare for a Canadian job interview so as not to lose out with your only chance to grab the job offer?

This is the question we will be answering in this guide. But before that, make sure you know how to draft out the right thumbing Canadian Resume and of course, an approved Cover Letter application.

Knowing the Screening Process for a Canadian Job

The Canadian screening process is objectively assessing each application against the essential and desirable criteria as set out in the job profile and job posting which determines which applicants will be considered for further assessment.

Based on the job screening process in Canada, hiring managers/interviewers will need to make sure that all applicants meet the eligibility requirements.

Next, the applicants will be screened for education and experience, and shortlist potential applicants.

 From the screening process, hiring managers will then assess shortlisted applicants on the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies required to perform the job

As an applicant, note that you are responsible for clearly outlining how you meet the required qualifications.

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4 Ways To Sensibly Prepare For A Canadian Job Interview

Canadian Job Interview
  1. Understand The Role

Read the job profile to understand the role. If you need more information about the position, send an email to the contact person listed in the posting and ask relevant questions.

2. Do Your Homework

Do your homework and look at the ministry website, press releases, and other information. Research the position and the organization to prepare for an interview.

3. Know the Assessment methods

Assessment methods will vary depending on job duties. Some examples include a written component or test, providing samples of your work, preparing a presentation, an oral interview that may have situational and/or behavioral questions, and past work performance (reference) checks.

4. Prepare For The Interview Medium/Channel

The interview can be conducted by a panel, in a round-robin format, by telephone, in person, or virtually (Skype).

As a Nigerian or applying from another other than Canada, it is certain that the interview will be conducted via a video application like Skye or Zoom.

Observation: I was once interviewed via Zoom, so, be prepared. (As soon as you get an interview notification, go ahead and download the Zoom & Skype Applications).

The 4 Fundamental Canadian Interview Questions

There are four types of interview questions you should keep at your fingers tips. When known, it will help you to prepare properly. Let’s see.

  1. Knowledge

Knowledge – Testing knowledge of procedure, legislation, policy, computer applications.

2. Situational

Situational – What action would be taken in a hypothetical situation?

3. Behavioural

Behavioural – What action was taken in a particular situation?

4. Role & Organizational Alignment

Role & Organizational Alignment – What do you understand about the position?

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The 4 STAR Techniques For A Canadian Job Interview

Canadian Job Interview

The STAR technique works to develop your competency examples.

  1. Situation

When asked to describe the situation, be brief, but give enough detail so the interviewer understands the problem that you faced in your role.

 Include when and where the situation occurred and who was involved.

You may need to provide more background if context is critical in explaining your example.

2. Task

Some questions you will be asked here are as follows:

  • What was the task that needed to be accomplished?
  • What was your specific role in the situation?
  • Why were you involved?
  • What were you expected/expecting to achieve?

3. Action

Actions should be the focus of your example. Logically take the interviewer through the steps you took to handle the situation or resolve the problem.

What were your actions?

 Use “I” not “We.” Give enough detail so that the panel understands all of your actions and why you took them.

More action sample are as follows:

  • What did you do or say?
  • Why did you take this particular approach?
  • What did you think or feel?
  • Who did you consult or interact with and why?
  • What challenges did you face and how did you resolve them?

This may include the behaviour of others as it directly relates to your actions. Keep your answer clear and concise; talk about what you did, not what you might do.

The panel may ask you further questions to clarify information. Just be calm and answer them following the actionable points highlighted.

4. Result

What were the results of your actions?

The results should link back to the task. Describe the results or outcome of your actions and the event. Describe what happened, what you accomplished, and what you learned. This may include how you felt about the outcome and why.

Before we call it a day, let’s go on to see the competencies test for a Canadian job interview. What’s that about? Let’s see.

The Competencies Test for a Canadian Job Interview

Competencies simply describe the behaviors, attributes, traits and motives that you demonstrate when doing your job.

They enable you to do your job well. Behavioral Competencies differentiate average from superior performance.

You can use competencies throughout your career to:

  • Prepare for interviews and career moves
  • Identify work and learning goals
  • Develop strengths and skills for higher performance

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve applied for, or you want to apply for a Canadian job opening from your country, I am confident that this guide helped you figure out what you might be expecting in the course of your LIVE interview session.

Like I always say, the Canadian system of job qualification proceedings is not like any other country, with the Canadian system, you must focus on you, wrong!

Rather focus on the value you will be adding to the company or agency that’s about to hire you

We’ve talked about the 4 Fundamental Canadian Interview Questions, this is so important if you must be considered.

Because we want to finish what we started, we have outlined the definite answers to the 4 questions and more.

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