Introducing Canadian Type-A “RESUME” | “COVER LETTER” Swipes

What Is A Cover Letter To the Hiring Company?

A cover letter is a sales letter that sells you as a candidate. Like your resume, it should be compelling and give the main reasons they should call you for an interview.

Winning COVER LETTER tips include emphasizing your top accomplishments or creating subheadings culled from the job posting. For example:

 💡 Your ad specifies: Communication skills.

 💡 Your ad specifies: The need for a strong computer background.

An approved Canadian RESUME | COVER LETTER

A pro tip to achieving an approved Canadian RESUME and COVER LETTER is by sticking with a standard business letter format. How?

The two documents — RESUME and COVER LETTER — need to complement each other by ensuring you “tick all the boxes” that are outlined in the job description.

Let’s be realistic, a COVER LETTER is no way important than your RESUME nor will it land you a job by itself, however, a badly written cover letter can pose mind blowing threats on why your employer should employ you.


“Give Employers What They Need and Improve Your Odds of Getting Hired”

Introducing Canadian Type-A “RESUME” | “COVER LETTER” Swipes


Canadian Cover Letter and Resume

New, improved and better than ever – this guide is truly one of a kind. You won’t find this info anywhere else with the details and ability to edit and fix in your skills for submission.

You’ll learn everything from which section to include or remove and how to present a Canadian styled Resume like a pro, to the details that necessitates that you do what employers want when you apply to their posted jobs.

The Type-A Resume is presented in way such that being sensitive to the needs of your employers is prioritized.

You won’t find any generic writing advice here! It’s just what you need to edit and submit or re-write your copy.

Here’s what’s contained in the Resume Swipe.

#i. A Typical Canadian Resume Swipe:

This is a typical Canadian Resume Swipe that shows you the sweets spots needed in a Canadian RESUME before you send it over. With this template, all you need to do is edit or re-write it with your skills. What this means is that you don’t have to re-invent the will (unless you want to).

#ii. Description Segmentation:

This template shows you how to caption your TARGET JOB TITLE, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, and EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT with their typical descriptions to follow through.

 #iii. Definition of Data Placement:

This resume template shows you WHERE & HOW to place your data in a Canadian standard: name, online profile, relevant dates, email address and city and etc.

#iv.  Soft Skills Presentation:

You should know the effect of soft skills on your resume. Because of its relevance, the Canadian Type-A Resume Swipe shows you how to arrange your soft skills in an enticingly manner so you win over your hiring managers (employers).



Canadian Cover Letter and Resume

Like Type-A Resume, Type-A Cover Letter is carefully detailed in a way to help you to stand out in your application.

Type-A Cover Letter is presented in a way that makes it easier for an employer to review your entire submission COVER LETTER in the format, or formats, that are acceptable.

You’ll learn everything from which displaying your willingness to be flexible, and accommodating, as a potential employee is what hiring managers want.

Again, you won’t find any generic writing advice here! It’s just what you need to edit and submit or re-write your copy.

Here’s what’s contained in the Cover Letter Swipe.

#i. A Typical Canadian Cover Letter Swipe:

This is a typical Canadian Cover Letter Swipe that shows you the needed points to include or forgo in a Canadian CL before you send it over. With this template, you are free to edit or re-write it with your skills.

#ii. Letter Closure

Here you get to see how to close your cover letter in style to match not just the job offer but to stamp a trust in the minds of your potential employer.

#iii. How to Place your “Employ Note”

There is a proper Canadian Employ Note placement, and the swipe shows you how to do it properly.

#iv. Description Presentation

You get the right steps to carefully describe where you saw the job offer ad and the exact response to drafting out the description.

Is it possible to find an IT job in Canada from abroad?

It's possible, not only big company. As an IT system administrator I have been hired from France to a Montreal company. A friend of mine a .net developer as been hired too from France the Montreal company paid him his plane ticket and reallocation fees. So yes it's possible.


(Apart from the “Resume | Cover Letter Swipes”)

Worth = NGN 16,400


2-in-1 Swipes X2

To simplify everything for you, we have made 4 swipes, 2 with editing ability so you can edit and enter your skills, and 2 others without edits. Essence is so you get a PLUG & PLAY Resume | Cover Letter to send to hiring managers/companies. 😎 


Canadian Undercover Questions & Answers

You get the Canadian Undercover 35 Questions & Answers you could be asked in an interview. That is not all.

You get extra FREE 20 random questions that you might be asked during your SKYPE or ZOOM interview with the CEO/Panel. 😉 


Top 12 Job Canadian Places

You will find a careful listing of top places of thousands of Canadian jobs so you can apply from the comfort of your home.


Top Job Screening Methods | 9 Key Considerations In A Canadian Job Screening Exercise

In Canada, screening is being done in the most efficient, job related, fair, reasonable and
consistent manner possible. You’ll learn the methods. 

You get the 9 looked-for concepts in a Canadian applicant screening process.


How To Gloom In The
Canadian Job Market

How to Gloom in the Canadian Job Market is so important, therefore this sections shows you how to how to build a credible Resume and Beyond!

You learn more about:

💡 Informational Interviews.

💡 Chronological vs Functional Resumes

💡 What to do with Personal interests/hobbies.

💡 Presenting a Volunteer Experience

💡 Essential elements in a Typical Canadian Resume and etc.


Type B & C

(Canadian Sample Resume)

Instead of having just one RESUME swipe, you get 2 extra in different formats. Why? So you can choose to use this if you want. (Having more options to choose from is always the best)


Type B & C

(Canadian Sample Cover Letters)

Instead of having just one cover letter swipe, you get 2 extra in different formats. Why? So you can choose to use this if you want. (Having more options to choose from is always the best)

Is it Possible to find a job in Canada from your Country?

“I'm still here in Nigeria but I have got a job in Canada as a Customer care Coordinator in Toronto, did a job interview on Skype and I have been passed for Face to face chat with their CEO”.



I belief in Human Kindness | 120 Value else, there is no life. Connect with me anytime you need help.

A Note from Founder

First off, give yourself a high five! The fact that you’re reading this means you want to land a Job in Canada. You’re trying to increase your relocation chances.

Maybe you’ve tried other methods of relocating to Canada for a long time, or maybe you just need a typical Canadian Resume | Cover Letter to up your job offer opportunity. Either way, you’re here, or I applaud you for that.

I am the brain behind Relocation Garland, and my greatest aim is that you get the VALUE = SOLUTION you deserve.

When people think of getting a job offer in Canada, they start thinking of this gigantic process. Here is the shock. It is not DIFFICULT to get a job in Canada. BUT that does not make it EASY.

What you need…

Believe it or not, knowing the right RESUME | COVER LETTER to send over has a lot to do with being scheduled for an interview session with the company/hiring manager/panel.

I know it sounds weird (and even a little superficial), but submitting the absolute RESUME | COVER LETTER can actually change your job offer chance in Canada. The way your RESUME | COVER LETTER is one of those rare things that you have complete control over – unlike the interview questions.

Note that I have gone ahead to include 2 extra packages for each swipe; making it 3 RESUME | COVER LETTER samples to choose from.

Not just that, you get possible questions and how to attack them so you appear as a pro.

To round it up, the essence of this is to help you land a job in Canada which increases your chance of relocation.

You’re already trying. You already tried. Now it’s time to take the next step.

Are you ready?


(I am here because I am human. I give value because VALUE is what you deserve).

When I’m about to buy something, I get a little nervous that I might be wasting my money. It’s natural to feel this way, but I don’t want it to stop you from investing in yourself right now.

That’s why I made sure to keep the price of this guide reasonable, and that’s why I’m offering you this satisfaction 15 days guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, you believe that this guide wasn’t worth your money, I will issue you a refund without this date– no questions asked. We still go along.

Note: This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it.

That’s like buying a shoe, wearing it for a whole season and then returning it. Not cool, bro!


Canadian Cover Letter and Resume
Canadian Cover Letter and Resume

There’s never been a better time to land a job in Canada, and there’s never been a better resource to help you get started the right way which can ease your relocation process… Now’s the time to take action, but only you can do that.

NGN 21,400


Q. Do I need to be Techie to get a job offer?

You don’t need to be a tech wizard before getting a job in Canada. After all, Tech is not the only moving force in Canada. Just as much as there’s need for an accountant in your country, so is in Canada.

Q. Does this apply to people searching for jobs in other Canadian provinces?

Absolutely! As far as getting a job in Canada is concerned, the lessons in this guide shows you different job sites so you can apply for any provinces of your choice.

Q. How do I actually get my hands on the guide?

You will be able to download the 2 swipes and extra packages (if you buy this package) immediately after purchase.

Q. Can I use this Resume | Cover Letter Swipes if I can’t write mine?

Yes, you can. You are getting 1 editable copy and 1 showing the main copy. So, all you will need to do (if you can’t personally write) is fill in your details, professional, educational skills and so forth.

Q. Where do I submit my Resume | Cover Letter?

In one of the packages you will see various Canadian places you will need to search for job and submit your application(s).

Q. How will you be interviewed?

If scheduled for an interview, all you need is a Skype or Zoom app for video chat with the hiring manager/CEO.

Got more questions?

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