2020 Best Way to Relocate To Canada from Nigeria: Immigrate to Canada with Express Entry Program

Relocate To Canada from Nigeria

The sure way to Successfully Immigrate to Canada from Nigeria using the Express Entry Program.

Hi, welcome to Relocation Garland. 😎

Before we get started, I want to assure you that this is the best path if you really want to relocate to Canada.

By best path, I am talking about using one of the easiest routes – the Federal Express Entry Program to move to Canada.


Why Have I Finally Written This Rugged Path To Relocating To Canada From Nigeria?

I am pessimistic that at the end of this journey, you will be able to start packing your bags and finally telling friends that you will be leaving for Canada, in the next 6-9 months of processing.

Are you good to go? If yes, “Jump to how to relocate to Canada from Nigeria”, else, scroll the page down to see the basics you need to consider.


Understanding Permanent Residency in Canada as a Nigerian

A Permanent Resident in Canada is someone who has been given a legal approval by the Canadian Government to work, live, and enjoy the numerous benefits (health care, housing, etc.) as the Canadian Citizens.

When you land in Canada, you will be issued your special Permanent Resident card. You will get it approximately 60 days of landing.


 Understanding Relocation to Canada through the Federal Express Entry Program

The FEEP started in 2015. The essence of it was and is to grant those with work experience or skills in any profession to relocate to Canada.

Just like boarding a taxi to relocate from one city to the other, the relocation via Express Entry is Canada’s main system for managing immigration applications for skilled workers.

Express Entry is not an immigration program, but rather a system used to process applications for three distinct immigration programs in Canada, each targeting a different type of skilled worker.

How It Works

All you need to do here is to submit your skill or work experience, educational height(s), educational background, IELTS and other requirements as stated above for the years draw – selection process.

As soon as you complete and cross-check your Express Entry profile, go ahead and submit. From the information you supply, you will be assigned a cutoff point – like JAMB score.

But in this case, it is called, CRS point. CRS means the Comprehensive Ranking System. With the score, your data generates, if you are qualified based on your cut-off point, you will be notified for the next application.  

And it should be noted that, unlike the Provincial Nominee Program where you reside in your nominated province, with Express Entry Program, you can live wherever you want (choose) in Canada.

You know what? You should be qualified if you’re really serious about leaving for Canada using the Express Entry Program.


Things To Consider Before You Relocate To Canada from Nigeriain 2020

So, you are ready to move to Canada from Nigeria, right? Good. But before that, let’s answer some unsurprisingly easy questions about immigrating to Canada.

By answering these simple questions, you should have positioned yourself with the right tip beats to match forward.


#1. What’s the Easiest Province to Get PR in Canada for Nigerians?

It is one thing to ask about the easiest province to Get PR in Canada, but, have you considered the culture and climatic conditions? Well, since you did not ask me that, let’s go on.

Now, the easiest province to Get PR in Canada for Nigerians appears to be Manitoba, but it is not.

Manitoba for Nigerians is just popular because those who can’t join via the Express Entry can find their way using the Manitoban Provincial NominEe program – which is the route most Nigerians have used to relocate to Canada.

Although with the Express Entry Program, you can jump around to choose where to live in Canada, also, with the fact that Manitoba is majorly a French speaking province, it turns out that a lot of Nigerians live there.

Each year, some 15,000 immigrants arrive in Manitoba. The outcomes for internationally experienced workers who immigrate through the MPNP are positive.

According to a recent survey, 85 per cent of Manitoba nominees were working three months after arrival, 76 per cent were homeowners within five years and 95 per cent of families settled permanently in the community.

 Now, to answer the question – what’s easiest province to get permanent residence in Canada for Nigerians. The answer to this is based on #1. You and #2. The province.

Now, if you can sponsor yourself to Canada, the best province does not count here because you will relocate to the province of your choice.

However, if you’re not that buoyant it boils down to the province that needs your services – such as PNP, Home Care Pilot program where you relocate without proof of funds or using the Northern Pilot and more.

So, the easiest province is based on you – your capacity (self-sufficient) to relocate to Canada  and your capacity in terms of being qualified for selection in a particular Canadian provinces per the selection time/season.


#2. What’s the Easiest Route to Get Permanent Residence in Canada for Nigerians?

The easiest route to get PR in Canada as a Nigerian is EXPRESS ENTRY. Why?

With Express Entry, you are not at the mercy of no one or the Canadian authority because you possess ALL the qualifications needed, so, it will be their utmost pleasure to process your PR in Canada application.

Note please, this also applies to Provincial Nominee Program – if you possess the needed qualifications then nothing can stop you.


What are the 5 Essential Requirements for Moving to Canada from Nigeria Using Express Entry Program?

The essential requirements/pre-requisites which one must fulfill if you are moving to Canada from Nigeria are the following.

♣ Language proficiency:

One must provide proof that his/ her language proficiency is in at least one of Canada’s official languages (English and French) via recognized certification agencies.

♣ Education:

One must provide a foreign Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report.

♣ Health requirements:

Medical fitness certificate, in a format prescribed by the authorities, is a must requirement. Talk to a doctor, or consult with a Canadian Pharmacy for more information.

♣ Character requirements:

One must have no criminal records in the previous country and must obtain police clearance certificates addressing the same.

There you have it, the best fit requirements for moving to Canada from Nigeria legally.

♣ Email Address

Yes, you need a valid email address for your application. Open one today if you’ve not already.

How To Successfully Relocate To Canada from Nigeria with Federal Express Entry Program 2020 – Using Victor Jegede’s PR IN CANADA BLUEPRINT

Seeking permanency residence in Canada via Express Entry have now become an integral part of many Nigerian immigrants strategy for relocation.

According to statistics, 17 million Nigerians live abroad while report also showed that about 36,000 Nigeria immigrants arrived Europe by sea.

However, if you want to make the most of your relocation process – I mean, leaving legally without being deported, you need an excellent/no-fault route to Canada.

One of such ways that come to mind is using Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint.

Having helped many Nigerians successfully relocate to Canada without deportation, Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint is the best on the market right now.

To help you make an informed decision, I’m writing a short detailed review of Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint, along with some of the benefits.


What’s in Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint?

Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint is one of the best relocation to Canada guides in the market right now. Thousands, if not tens of thousands of users are using it currently, and the numbers are on the rise.

It is essentially a blueprint for successfully relocating to Canada as a permanent residence and has a lot of exciting benefits, including:

  • How to relocate to Canada using either FEEP or PNP.
  • An overview of your CRS point encompassing your family size and most importantly your age.
  • How to logically create and submit your Express Entry Profile with graphics.
  • How the Express Entry Program links with Provincial Program.
  • A list of financial implication your need to consider upfront.
  • Current updates about your Canadian relocation benefits – updates as of February 2020.
Relocate To Canada from Nigeria with Express Entry Program
  • Where + the top favorable Provinces for Nigerians to settle in Canada.
  • Job prospects in Canada as a Nigerian, and many more I can’t enlist for now.


Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint provides you a relocation process where you get the most out of migrating to Canada without conflicting issues, one-and-one communication with him, and avoiding costly mistakes many make which eventually cause a delay and frustration to their PR in Canada application.

What’s more, you can also use Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint to do the following for you:

  • How the Express Entry Program links with Provincial Program.
  • How to create a successful evaluation profile with WES with graphics.
  • An exclusive comprehensive LIST of IELTS lessons.
  • How to Avoid Common Errors Made by Applicants.
  • Information of how you can get the Designated Employers Database, and more.


Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint Review

1.      Get Your Relocation Application Right 

Many Nigerians choose to beat around the bush with their application process, and at the end of the day, they get hooked/drown thereby forfeiting their pursuit of Canadian residency.

I don’t want to focus on the factors which won’t solve the problem. However, what I’m most interested in is the potential of Jegede’s resource that shows you the legal/successful pathway to PR in Canada.

Want to start your application process till the end successfully? If yes, then you need the Blueprint.  

2.      Communicate with him

Having been in your shoes he knows the right buttons to press should you need his attention. Because there is nothing as bad as trying to figure out everything on your own.

From experience, it can get frustrating, but when you have the right person to guide you the process becomes easy-peasy.

With Jegede’s blueprint, you get his contact for proper communication. Have a dying question? That’s what I mean- talk to him.

3. Employer’s Database

Get access to a wealth of information of how you can get designated employers database.

  1. You get access to all the employers in the most attractive Canadian provinces.

    2. You get to see the positions currently advertised by these employers and also get updated as new positions emerge.

    3. You get to apply to these positions and employers leveraging on the database which gives you access to these companies websites, email addresses, and some phone numbers.

These are some of the benefits you get while you’re waiting for your application result or when you would have landed in Canada.


Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint Price

Jegede offers an amazing price for his permanent residence in Canada Blueprint.

You pay a one-time fee and get the blueprint at N17,000.

Of course, this can only be a discounted price because comparing an agent fee with N17,000 for his blueprint makes it a no-brainer to getting it ASAP; for those ready to start their relocation application now.

Get the PR in Canada Blueprint here >>


Final note on Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint

Take nothing away from the wealth of benefits I have left out, Victor Jegede’s PR in Canada Blueprint is for any potential Nigerian applicant who wants to beat the trial & error method and successfully relocate as a permanent residence in Canada.

How To Apply for Canadian Federal Express Entry Program- on your Own

The above blueprint by Jegede shows you the exact step-by-step method to relocating to Canada without mistakes, however, if you want to try it out on your own, here are the steps to the relocation process.

1. Test Your Relocation Eligibility for Express Entry Program

Although it’s covered in the blueprint, it is recommended to test eligibility by taking a simple Questionnaire on the Canadian Immigration Site.

If you have not done a language test yet you can give yourself a realistic test score and fill out other information.

By recommendation, just give yourself a test score lower than what you think you may get so you can weigh the amount of room you have to play around with.


2. Evaluate your Credentials 

The next step is to prepare your documents for Evaluation. Credential evaluation puts you on the same radar as those in Canada.

Let’s say you studied a degree course like Economics for 4 years in Nigeria, with credential evaluation you will be assessed appropriately wherefore you will be ranked equivalent to someone with a degree in Canada.  

You might ask, why can’t I just use my certificate or transcript?

Answer: the Canadian Immigration Program for EEP does not allow direct usage of certificates or transcripts.

So, how do you get this done?

There are several agencies that can help you but the popular one is WES.

For over 45 years, WES has empowered international students and professionals to reach their goals through our trusted credential evaluations and advice.

So, what you need to do is submit your documents for evaluation on WES’s website.


3. Register for Language Test

Having done your WES, go ahead and register for IELTS. This costs about N75,000.

Of course, because Canada does not communicate using Igbo or Nigerian Vernacular, it therefore means (you) everyone applying for Canadian PR will have to take a language test to show proficiency in either French or English. You even get bonus points if you can prove both!

For English it is called IELTS, and for French test – TEF.


4. Create Your Online Express Entry Profile

Having successfully followed the above steps, it’s now time to create your Express Entry Profile. This is a MUST step before being qualified to submitting your application for the Federal Express Entry Pool.

Here’s how the Express Entry Profile Works

Relocate To Canada from Nigeria

You will be asked for some personal information, work history, test scores, degree details, etc.

In all these, it’s important to tell nothing but the truth because of #1. Details will add up to give you a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Score and #2. If found out you were playing funny you will be banned from the program, forever (maybe).

Every two weeks a draw is made from the pool of submitted Express Entry profiles. This draw is done to offer ITAs to candidates.

The exact cut-off score is determined by the number of selections the committee plans to choose from that draw.

Having completed your profile, welcome as you have officially joined the Express Entry Pool. What you need to do is wait for your result.

Kindly note, your profile will close within 60 days of opening it if you do not submit your data, so try to complete it as soon as you can.


5. Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA)

Having completed your profile and shortlisted, you will receive an official statement from ITA saying that…“You can now begin the official application process for PR”.

When you receive it go ahead and apply for Canadian permanent residency.


6. Apply for Canadian Permanent Residency.

Now that you have been issued an “Invitation To Apply”, you will need to prepare your application and submit all your documents.

At this point, note that your fees will be splitted into “application fee” and a “right to permanent residence fee”.

Kindly note, you only have 60 days to complete this application!


7.  Get Your Application Result

An official statement from IRCC is that, 80% of all applicants (like you) receive a response within 6 months.

What you don’t want to do…Worrying for 6 months.

It is also recommended you monitor your email account for notifcations. Also, login to your profile and check your application status.

Relocate To Canada from Nigeria


8. Receive a PPR – Passport Request email – Ready for Visa

When once you get your letter, you can send in your passports.

Your PR approval will also come with a deadline when you have to enter into Canada or else your PR will be invalidated.

Upon receiving your PR approval, you need to pack your bags and tell friends and family goodbye as you have between 6 months to 1 year from the approval to land in Canada.

It’s time to finally pack your bags. Please do because you are ready to move to Canada from Nigeria as a Permanent Resident.

Welcome to Canada… 😉 

At this point we are through with the necessities for relocating to Canada using the Express Entry Program. Ready to apply ASAP? Get started.
Else, if you want to avoid all BS – bullshits and start your application process, then I recommend you check out “Permanent Resident in Canada Blueprint ”.

Other Immigration Factors for Nigerians Relocating to Canada – AOB

#1. The Life Experiences of Nigerians In Canada

A lot of things have centered on the question “how are Nigerians in Canada living? Well,

First of all, as a Nigerian living in Canada, one of the things you’ll notice there is the huge difference between your Naija life back home and here in Canada.

Lest I forget, everything, from public transit to health care has a well-defined system.

Let’s go deeper so you see how Nigerians in Canada are living to the fullest.

#1. Climate:

The climate is completely different!

There are some provinces that are super cool and cold. If you know that you cannot survive in sometimes -40 degree Celsius weather (Edmonton, Alberta), then you might want to reconsider the other provinces.

The best way to live here is learn how to adapt quickly by with the aid of thermal wears and fleece-lined jackets.

#2. Social Life:

This varies but depending on your personality, it might be very difficult for you to have a social life here.

Of course, you can’t take away the fact that Canadians are the most hospitable people on earth, nevertheless, some things here are very different.

Best way to keep up with your social life is by planning hiking trips, tours trips & dinner with your co-workers or classmates.

Again, night life is also pretty much a thing here (most especially in the major cities).

The conclusion for Nigerians living in Canada is, as long as you are hardworking, law abiding, friendly and smart, you’ll definitely enjoy your stay in Canada.


#2. How To Apply For Jobs In Canada from Nigeria

How to apply for jobs in Canada from Nigeria, really? Well, you can start applying or looking out for jobs by getting registered on the Canadian job bank website.

Here is the website – jobbank.gc.ca. Just subscribe for the jobs there and get notified.


#3. Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada for Nigerians

Since we have shown how to apply for a job in Canada from Nigeria, let’s go on to see the Top In-Demand Jobs in Canada.

Based on the high numbers of applicants and the province in question, preference for selection will be given to applicants who have recent experience as:

#1. Welders

#2. Early Childhood Educators (children less than 5 years old)

#3. Manufacturing Supervisors

#4. Food Service Supervisors (fast food)

#5. Construction Managers

#6. Carpenters

#7. Painters and Decorators (Painter in manufacturing or construction setting)

#8. Cooks


#4. How to Win the Employer Over in Canada

#1. Show Professionalism

What do I mean?

You don’t have an excuse to getting a job. See no.2 and 8.

For no.2 you can easily get enrolled in a day care school and get the experience.


Build a Powerful Resume.

See, you’ve got no excuses because there are many Free Online Certificate Courses you can use and boost your chance of landing a good job in Canada. Just Google them out.


#5. How can I easily evaluate my credentials from Nigeria?

Is there a relocation chance for SSCE holders via the Express Entry? Kindly read on.

The Evaluation Submission Summary:

When you put in all your degree details, the WES system will automatically pull out the documents you are required to send to them for verification.

Luckily, for most countries, only transcripts are required.

No sorry for Nigerians.

For you with Nigerian degrees, you are required to provide a whole lot more due to the fact that many people were sending in falsified documents.

At this point, what to do is decide whether to use only your higher degree if you have one from another country – something like online certificate/degree.


#6. Where can I Verify My International Passport and the Cost?

Just as you’re excited about relocating to Canada from Nigeria, one of the cardinal exciting factors is knowing the cost and where to verify your international passport.

To cut the matter short, all the verifications about your international passport can be found on the Nigerian Immigration website, however, the most important thing is the cost and the necessary modalities.

Please note, international passport is not a big deal as you can do that at your fingertips. Go ahead and start the most important, your relocation application.

Frequently asked Questions about Canadian Permanent Residency from Nigeria

Question: WES, how does it work?

For over 45 years, WES is a credential evaluation service that empowers international students and professionals to reach their goals through trusted credential evaluations and advice.

When you put in all your degree details, the WES system will automatically pull out the documents you are required to send to them for verification.

Luckily, for most countries, only transcripts are required.

No sorry for Nigerians.

For you with Nigerian degrees, you are required to provide a whole lot more due to the fact that many people were sending in falsified documents.

At this point, what to do is decide whether to use only your higher degree if you have one from another country – something like online certificate/degree.


Question: What are the List of requirements for Nigerian degrees?
  • Degree Certificate
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Final Secondary Examination Results


Question: How Do I to submit my documents for WES Evaluation?

#1. Register an account with WES.

#2. Fill out a profile and provide information about your degree(s). Please, make sure every detail is correct and you cross-check a couple of times.

#3. Pay the evaluation fee and the courier fee (for them to ship your evaluation back to you). Courier fee is not compulsory but it hastens the delivery process.

After submission,

Patiently wait for WES to receive your documents and complete your verification.

It takes about 20 working days from when they receive all your required document for them to send you an evaluation report.

Note: This is the report that you need for your Canadian Permanent Resident application.


Question: What’s Canadian Language Benchmarks and IELTS Score Comparison?

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) are the national standards for describing, measuring and recognizing the English language proficiency of adult immigrants and prospective immigrants for living and working in Canada.


Canadian Language Benchmarks 

Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) IELTS Listening

IELTS Reading

IELTS Writing IELTS Speaking
CLB 1 1 1 1 1
CLB 2 2 1.5 2 2
CLB 3 3.5 2.5 3 3
CLB 4 4.5 3.5 4 4
CLB 5 5 4 5 5
CLB 6 5.5 5 5.5 5.5
CLB 7 6 6 6 6
CLB 8 7.5 6.5 6.5 6.5
CLB 9 8 7 7 7
CLB 10 8.5 8 7.5 7.5
CLB 11 9 8.5 8 8
CLB 12 9 9 9 9

To get started with IELTS, all you need is to register on the official IELTS site with the British Council.

Question: What happens if My CRS Point score tallies with another applicant?

At most times the first to apply/submit his/her profile might also be the first to be shortlisted. Why is this?

ITA uses factors like date and time of submission to break the tie. So, it’s advisable you get started immediately for a successive draw in case your score tallies with Mrs. A. or Mrs. B.


Question: What Happens to your PR Application Fees if you’re not successful, will the balance be refunded?

Answer: Of course, yes. The balance will be refunded to you.


Question: What Are the Official and accepted documents/requirements for Canadian Permanent Residency Application in 2020

While you might not be asked to submit most of the documents below, nevertheless, the official and accepted documents for Canadian permanent residency application are as follows.

💡 Application Fee (see above)

 💡 Academic Verification Report

 💡 Test Results

 💡 Proof of Funds (see below in detail)

 💡 Digital Photographs

 💡 Passport Biodata Page (may not be compulsory)

 💡 Medical Examination – every country has an approved list of panel physicians who can provide a medical examination.

In Nigeria, there are three in Lagos and one in Abuja and the costs may vary slightly.

 💡 Police Certificates – if you have lived in a country for more than 6 months in a row, within the last 10 years, you have to include police reports from each of those countries (including your home country, where you currently live).

Of course, the cost of obtaining a police certificate will differ based on where you live and where you are requesting one from.

 💡 Reference or Experience Work Letter – your former and current employers listed on your Express Entry Profile must all provide letters to prove your work history with them.

Other Documents – this can only be needful if you have other add-ons. I mean, you may be required to submit other documents such as whether you have children, you are divorced, married, and so on.


Question: How can I access Canada express entry point’s calculator 2020?
Answer: On the Canada immigration Website

As already discussed, the CRS is a points-based system that the Canada immigration authority uses to assess and score your (applicant) profile and rank it in the Express Entry pool.


Question: How can I access my Canada express entry login?
Answer: On the Canada immigration Website

Go ahead and enter your login details (username and password) to access your login dashboard.


Question: What do I do upon waiting for Response for Canadian Permanent Residency Application?

#1. Go about your normal business.

#2. If you want, log in to your profile from time to time to check your application progress report. – I mean to see what stage your application has reached.

#3. Click the share button to please share this article – I have spent WEEKS or months for research alone to put every step you’ve seen together for you – specially dedicated to you.

#4. Visit RelocationGarland.com for updates.

Final Notes on Permanent Residence in Canada

As a Nigerian, permanent residence in Canada used to be a no-go area topic and impossible myths, but I believe today you’ve seen the way out and how to go about it.

Just as you would go online and book an air flight, applying for permanent residence in Canada takes the same measure with its unique steps. And of course, when you get your requirements to immigrate to canada from nigeria right, you’ll surely fly without bound.

Over to you now.

Want to start your relocation process? Why not if only you’re ready.


If you need a comprehensive package to use as a guide to process your WES, IELTS, Entry Profile, ITA, PR application and response in Canada, then I recommend you get PR Blueprint by Victor Jegede.


#Good luck #Success

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