(Updated) The Total Guide To Passing TEF Exams With Ease: Top 7 TEF Exam Preparation Tips + SAMPLE PDFs & VIDEOS

Total Guide To Passing TEF Exams-TEF Exam Preparation Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Passing TEF Exams in 2020

Scale through TEF and get Top 7 TEF Exam Preparation Tips + SAMPLE PDFs & VIDEOS

Perhaps you are asking “how difficult or easy is TEF Canada for immigration purposes”, if yes, first of all, congratulations in wanting to move to a country that offers and has the best immigration policy.

Talking about TEF Exams, here is the truth about it. Believe it or not, TEF is like the IELTS. The only magic pill here is understanding the type of question and the tricks are the most important things.

However, I am aware that the only problem is that materials and information about TEF exams are very few in the internet compared to the IELTS.

To answer some daring TEF questions, what will we learn?


TEF Exam Preparation Tips & key Questions

Some of the key questions we will be answering are:

 💡 What Is TEF Exams?

 💡 TEF Vs IELTS Exams?

 💡 How To Pass TEF Exams?

 💡 TEF Exam Preparation Tips?

 💡 Instructions To Be Observed During The TEF Tests

 💡 Best Choiced TEF Exam Preparation Books With Sample Papers.

 💡 5 TEF Exam Preparation Book Pdf & Video.


The Delusion Or Myth With Canada Exams For Immigration Purposes

It is worthy to note that people make the Canadian Language test a big deal. It shouldn’t be. Why not?

For the fact that Canada is not using Spanish or any other language apart from English and French is why they evaluate your Language strength.

So, no need to fret about it else you want to convince them to adopt your native language. Aha…

The big point is, “if you prepare you will pass”.


What Is TEF Exams

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

TEF is a universal exam created and regulated by the Chamber of Commerce in France.

TEF Canada is just one version of it, the exam results are sent to France and they send it to Canadian authorities.

TEF was created in 1998 by the CCI Paris Ile-de-France, the French Assessment Test (TEF) is an international reference exam that measures your level of knowledge and skills in French.


What is the TEF Exams for?

The TEF allows you to attest to your level of French in any professional, academic or mobility context and particularly for:

 💡 Study in France with TEF Études.

 💡 Obtaining French nationality with the TEF Naturalization.

 💡 Obtaining the Resident Card in France with the TEF Resident Card.

 💡 Immigrating to Canada and obtaining Canadian citizenship with TEF Canada.

 💡 Immigrating to Québec with TEF Québec (TEFAQ).


What are the Tests in TEF?

The TEF exams consist of the following 5 events:

 💡 Oral comprehension (CO) 40 min

 💡 Reading Comprehension (CE) 60 min.

 💡 Oral expression (EO) 15 min.

 💡 Written Expression (EE) 60 min.

 💡 Lexicon and structure (LS) 30 min.

 💡 The tests are evaluated using a 7 level scale, from level 0 (most basic skills) to level 6 (complete proficiency).

This scale refers to the six levels (A1 to C2) of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​( CEFR ) and the 12 levels of Canadian Language Competence ( CLB ).


How To Choose The Preferred TEF Exams Version

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

This will sure be different for different sets of people. But truth is, depending on your purpose and the steps you take, you want to choose the version of the TEF that includes the tests you need.

That is to say, for some versions of the TEF, the tests must be passed during the same session.

A strong warning is that the duration of the tests differs for the TEF Resident Card, see the details of the tests here .


I had to include this part because you might be tempted to ask “Isn’t TEF a Canadian exam?”. The answer is no. Just as IELTS is universal, TEF is also universal just that TEF is a universal exam created and regulated by the Chamber of Commerce in France.

The take-home difference is that TEF Canada is just one version of it, the exam results are sent to France and they send it to Canadian authorities.

StudiesNaturalizationResident CardCanadaQuebec
Mandatory TestsMandatory TestsMandatory TestsMandatory Tests for immigrationEligible events
Oral ComprehensionOral ComprehensionOral ComprehensionOral ComprehensionOral Comprehension
Written ComprehensionOral ExpressionWritten ComprehensionWritten ComprehensionOral Expression
Lexicon and structureOral ComprehensionOral ComprehensionAdditional tests
(Main applicant)
Written ExpressionWritten ExpressionWritten ExpressionWritten Expression
 Mandatory tests for a citizenship applicationWritten Expression 

Top 7 TEF Exam Preparation Tips

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

Recently passed the TEF, got NCLC 9.

#1. First you need to work hard on your general knowledge of the language.

#2. After #1. and feeling like you are ready I advice you to find and join a group on Facebook called TEF Canada, where you can find a lot of links, files and publication that will help you getting better results in the exam.

#3. Finding a teacher still a better solution if your French is not advanced.

#4. Check out the tutorials to familiarize yourself with TEF tests.

#5. Familiarize yourself with the test format with the sample tests available in this topic.

#6. Download the French mobile app 3.0, to practice the various French Assessment Tests.

#7. Sign up for PrepmyTEF online prep – (not free- €39,).

PrepMyFuture is an e-learning platform specialized in the preparation of language tests.

In partnership with French Business, it allows you to train for all versions of TEF.


The TEF Exams Environment” Before & After the Exams

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

Before the Exams

When you register, you agree to abide by the Registration and Test Requirements.

On the day of the exam, after verifying your identity and your convocation, the supervisor will have you sign a paper or tablet signing sheet. Check your personal information at this time.

Note this,

In the event of an error or a modification not indicated on the day of the test, NO CORRECTION can be carried out once the certificate of results is published. The supervisor will then tell you where to place to begin the test.

During The TEF Exam

The comprehension tests will take place on paper or computer, depending on your placement center.

For computer tests, the supervisor provides each candidate with a username and password. The candidate thus accesses the online test platform and follows the instructions for each event.

For paper-based exams, the supervisor provides each candidate with an answer sheet on which you will have to check your answer. Oral comprehension questions are broadcast for all candidates and cannot be interrupted.


Instructions To Be Observed During The TEF Tests:

 💡 Turn off your mobile phone and any other electronic device.

 💡 You cannot use a dictionary or any reference document.

 💡 No personal effects should remain visible or on the table during the tests, with the exception of your identity document.

 💡 You must not communicate with other candidates.

 💡 No latecomer is allowed in the room once the test has started.

 💡 No exit is allowed during the entire duration of the written examinations.


How to Check your TEF Exams

Your TEF results will be transmitted to the procurement center within 15 working days from the date of receipt of the session material.

Note that, if your test included a written expression test, the correction time is longer. What you want to do is Allow between 4 to 6 weeks to receive your results.

Your TEF Certificate

A certificate of results will be sent to you.

Each certificate is detailed and personalized (with your photo and your signature).

For each event, it specifies:

 ➡ the number of points obtained,

 ➡ the level reached,

 ➡ a description of your current skills in general French.

The Validity of TEF Exams

The validity of the results is two years. If you want, you can retake the test as many times within a period of 2 months between exams. (Your exams fees and you).


TEF Exam Sample

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

A Prototype of TEF for naturalization Test Sample

First part is listening to audio files on a computer, then answering multiple choice questions. Of course it starts off quite easy till you go on. At some point, you might have to state whether the phone calls are inimical, familial, professional or promotional.

After that there are announcements (you only get to hear the audio once, so pay attention!) and you have to state whether you are on a train, plane, cinema or theater and then you have to pick the correct theme of the announcement.

At this point, it starts getting a bit tactical. Your interviews and the questions may have some vocabularies such as préconiser, lésiner which you have to be familiar NOW with.

After this you have to speak, you’ll make a mock telephone call inquiring about something, maybe a gym membership, it takes 2 minutes and what you will notice is that the instructor will be speaking more than you.

As for you, you might have to try and convince a ‘friend’ (the instructor) to spend the summer holidays on a working farm, and this will go probably for 5 minutes.

Again the instructor might speak more than you.



There may be the occasional Quebec accent in the audio files, something you may not have experience with. That is Quebecois speaking test for you.

You see, there is nothing to be afraid of. If you prepare, you will scale through.

 The whole purpose of the TEF is just to ensure that you can understand and be understood in everyday life.


TEF Exam Registration

Option 1

The TEF Sessions are organized all year long within the network of partners, in France and around the world.

Based on your country, you can contact the center directly for details on session dates, prices, or other information about how to organize sessions near you. Here are some recognized centers.

The need for recognized centers is that it is the award center that determines the dates of the sessions, the registration period and the rates.


Option 2

The TEF Sessions are also available at the CCI Paris Ile-de-France, located at 6 Avenue de la Porte Champerret (Paris 17th). You can register online here. (Preferably to use Chrome Browser extension).

What happens if you don’t see your country centers? Use this email to write tolefrancaisdesaffaires.fr at francais@cci-paris-idf.fr .

The Resource Roadmap to an IELTS Score of 7+ Band

Struggling with IELTS test or want to score a band of 7+? If yes, take advantage of these FREE IELTS Resource which will help you scale through the test.

Documents Needed For TEF Registration

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

When you register, the following documents will be required:

#1. Photo and signature

The photocopy of an official identity document with photo and signature.

#2. Photo ID.

If the awarding center cannot take a picture of you on the day of the test, you will also be asked to provide a photo ID.

#3. Personal Information

You will also fill out a personal information sheet when you register. This form will be used to establish your certificate of results.


What To Do After Your TEF Registration

Once your registration is validated, your center of execution will send you an invitation by email which you will have to present the day of the exam with your identity document.

If you have not received your invitation, consider checking your “Junk Mail” / “Spam” folder in your inbox.

Lastly, mark the center of execution mails as important so to avoid being redirected to your spam folder.

Things To Note About TEF Registration

#1. No prior diploma is required to write the exam.

#2. You must be over 16 years old to write the exams.

#3. Registrations are closed at least one week before the date of the session.

#4. Anticipate your registration as soon as possible as part of your administrative procedures.

Best Choiced TEF Exam Preparation Books With Sample Papers :

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

TEF exam preparation books and TEF online preparation resources include:

 💡 le TEF Canada

 💡 le TEF Naturalisation ( if you are applying for French nationality)

 💡 le TEFAQ (if you would like to move to Québec).

 💡 Le TEF études en France.

 💡 TEF pour la carte de résident ( To access your 10 year residency card in France).

 💡 Attesting your French skills for academics and employment

TEF Test d’Evaluation de Francais – TEF – 250 activites (French Edition) by Sylvie Pons

TEF Exam Preparation Tips
Image: french-exam.com

This book is intended for a non-French speaking public wishing to prepare for the TEF. It is also endorsed by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), the organisation behind the TEF exam.This says a lot about this book.

The structure of this book is very user friendly.  To give you an idea, here is a breakdown of this book. It is first and foremost divided into 3 parts:

Part 1

The first part explains how to use the book. It also does a good job of explaining what is expected of you on exam day and how to approach each test.  For those looking to take the e-TEF, this book has included information about it within it’s pages.

Part 2

Then part two covers training activities, to familiarize you with the exam structure and exam type questions. As you know the TEF grade your level in french on a scale of 0+ to 6. In other words 7 levels. 0+ being the lowest at CEFR level A1.1 and level 6 being the highest at CEFR level C2.

TEF test questions gets progressively more difficult, with the easiest being at level 0+ and the most difficult being at level 6. This book makes it extremely easy finding not only the sections but the levels that are relevant to your TEF exam.

Part 3

With the third part actually being the mock exam or if you like the sample tests. For this part, since there are only 2 practice test, do try to simulate real exam situation by timing yourself. This is to see how you would do under real exam condition.

A word of caution!

The CD for this book is sold separately. So if price is a factor for you, you might want to do the maths before buying.

In addition, some people have complained that the answer key is filled with mistakes. The author have used it and found it to be pretty good in helping with TEF preparation.

But in any case you might want to pay close attention when doing the exercises and recheck and verify your answers .

Courtesy (in her words): french-exam.com


TEF Français 3.0 EXAM app

TEF Exam Preparation Tips 8
Image: Playstore

We talked about the Français 3.0, app.

 There is also an app, Français 3.0 that is designed to help you prepare for the TEF exam. This appcan e found on Google play store and also on the Apple Itunes Store.

Just like we said, this app is not 100 percent free. After download look forward to the famous in-app purchase. Consider on average €0.89 – €1.99 per test item.

If you considering passing the TEF exams without excuses then not such a bad price considering. At that price, this app can be a great addition to your TEF exam preparation resources.

If you are interested, check out the introduction video for the app below, courtesy of the CCIP.

TEF PrepMyFuture Course/Tutorial

We also talked about the €39 PrepMyFuture course.

Paying the €39 box means you want to go further. If yes, then you can also look at the TEF preparation online course that is recommended by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP).

While it is a bit pricy, at the same time, it is said to be user friendly and accessible from you PC.

TEF Exam Preparation Book Pdf & Video

TEF Exam Preparation Tips

What you will get from the TEF Exam Preparation Book Pdf & Video? – 5 tutorials to train

3 written tests:

 💡  Reading Comprehension (CE) 60 min – 50 questions

 💡  Written Expression (EE) 60 min – 2 subjects to be treated

 💡  Lexicon and Structure (LS) 30 min – 40 questions

2 oral tests:

 💡 Oral comprehension (CO) 40 min – 60 questions

 💡 Oral Expression (EO) 15 min – 2 subjects to be treated

[sociallocker id=”668″]Download the Lessons here[/sociallocker]

Read also – 7+ Best TEF Past Questions PDF + Sample Questions

Final Notes on the Top 7 TEF Exam Preparation Tips

Okay, that is it about scaling through TEF Test. I hope this TEF Exam Preparation tips helped you? If yes, please click the share button, thanks. 😎 

Over to you

Have you taken the TEF Test before? If yes, what TEF Tips and Tricks can you give the first timers?


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