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So, after writing How To Pass TEF Canada exams some time ago, I got a comment 2 days ago from Reshmi asking me to please send him some of my writing samples please because he was very scared.

To start with, just as many of us dread about IELTS exams which we showed how to scale here, the question I see often is how can I prepare for TEF Canada?

First all, TEF means Test d’Evaluation de Français (TEF).

TEF is an international benchmark test that measures your level of knowledge and skills in French.

Just as IELTS is accepted worldwide, TEF follows suit, most especially for those who are seeking relocation to Canada.


How to Pass TEF Canada

The secret to passing the TEF Canada test is getting fully prepared in the areas of Oral comprehension (CO), written comprehension (CE), Oral Expression (EO), Written Expression (EE), and Vocabulary and syntax (LS).

Also, concentrate on the few resource materials you have and prepare very well.

And with the help of the video lessons + free PDFs, you will soon get you will have been confident of scaling through.

Because this article is about TEF past questions PDF, I recommend you check out a full guide on how to prepare for TEF Canada.


All TEF Canada Questions and Answers + PDF Download

tef canada sample questions

Here are some TEF past questions in both PDF and video formats you can download and use for your preparation.

And kindly note that TEF is conducted electronically or on paper at certain testing centers.


1. TEF Speaking Sample Questions

Click here to see the Oral expression sample and what to do.


2. TEF Written Expression Sample

Click here to get the TEF Written Expression and what to do.


3. TEF Reading comprehension Sample

Click here to get the TEF Reading comprehension sample and what to do.


4. TEF Oral comprehension Sample

Click here to get the TEF Oral comprehension sample and what to do.


5. TEF Vocabulary and Syntax Sample

Click here to get the TEF Vocabulary and Syntax sample and what to do.

tef past questions pdf

You can learn more here.


6. TEF sample questions on APP

tef canada questions and answers

To Test your level of general French and also familiarize yourself with teaching French for Specific Objectives, there is a TEF mobile app called Français I recommend you download.

Click here to learn more and download the app


7. TEF sample questions with TEF le manuel du candidat

The MANUEL DU CANDIDAT AU e-TEF CANADA is a short TEF Canada exam sample pdf that helps you understand and get ready for the test.

Want to get all the resource material? If yes, then click the share button below to reveal so you can download to your device.


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8. Advanced TEF Canada questions and answers materials

Forging ahead, I went out to get you some of these TEF materials/pages which I think won’t just help you get accustomed to the format of the exam, but combining all of them will make your pass the test, once and for all.


The TEF Test sections and Minutes Allocated

Before now there were 4 sections in the TEF test, but currently, you have to pass through the 5 examination sections which are as follows:

  • Oral comprehension (CO) 40 min – 60 questions – 360 points
  • Reading comprehension (CE) 60 min – 50 questions – 300 points
  • Oral expression (EO) 15 min – 2 subjects to be covered – 450 points
  • Written Expression (EE) 60 min – 2 subjects to be covered – 450 points
  • Vocabulary and Syntax (LS) 30 min – 40 questions – 240 points.


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Final note on the TEF Canada questions and answers resources

Like IELTS, the TEF is recognized by many universities and schools, especially in Canada, to certify your level of French as part of the admission procedure.

If you are seeking relocation to Canada then you want to contact the institution you wish to attend directly: they will tell you the number and type of TEF tests you will have to take.

And for the TEF sample questions, all you have on this page is more than enough for you to pass the test easily.

Additionally, you can get a book like “Vite et Bien” to add up if you want more, else, at times, less is better.

So, all in all, good luck with your test as you make good use of the listed TEF Past Questions.


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