Talking about the exact amount of money you need to move to Canada, one rule according to the Canadian Authority is this,

“Applicants would need to note that they would not be able to borrow this money from another individual. They would need to use this money for covering the costs of living for their family. This is applicable even if the family is not accompanying the applicant to Canada.”

A conversation with Relocation

I know a few families who immigrated to Canada. They had to wait a few years after submitting all their paperwork to get accepted. That was some years ago though, so the situation may be different now.

I have a friend who applied for a student visa and now is applying for immigration while already in Canada, so that might be another solution for you.

The above is what happens when you consult an agent or a customs officer who has never crossed Atlantic Ocean talk less of going to Canada. Some of them are just a bunch of confused dudes whose aim is your pocket.

Perhaps you are considering the question, “how do I move to Canada from Nigeria?” good, because we have already discussed the top 11 ways to legally relocate to Canada from Nigeria.

But here comes the most important one, and that is, How Much Money Do You Need to Immigrate to Canada from Nigeria?

While the latter is important, it is equally important to worry about how to Show Money for Canada Tourist Visa. In case you are still worried, be no more as I will show you the exact amount of money you need to immigrate to Canada, and if course, how to show proof of funds for Canada immigration.

Before we dive in fully, when confused on your relocation chances, please start from here.

How Much Money Do I Need To Cover Living Expenses When I Get To Canada Through The Start-Up Visa Program?

mount You Need To Immigrate To Canada

Basically the amount you need depends on the size of your family. These amounts are updated every year on the Canadian immigration website.

According to, you are encouraged to bring enough money to settle comfortably.

Perhaps you are wondering “how much money do I need to immigrate to Canada”, that is not the first question, the first question is “how can I relocate to Canada successfully without being deported”?

Obviously the third question will be how to show proof of funds for Canada immigration.

Be rest assured that we will answer all these questions however, first things first, how much money do you need to immigrate to Canada?

Before you think of the cost of moving to Canada, you need to know the easiest route you can get there. While this might be different in other countries, but in Nigeria, relocating to Canada through Express Entry is your best bet provided you are below 35. And if you fail through FEEP, the second ASSURED ROUTE is the Provincial Nominee Program.

Talking about the Federal Express Entry Program

The Express Entry program is Very simple and fast process. You might be able to make it there in less than a year if you qualify.

Want to see how this works?

The second easiest route to Canada from Nigeria is through the Provincial Nominee Program.

The Provincial Nominee Program is offered by certain Canadian provinces and territories. The sole purpose is to address sectors of the local economies that are lacking specific skills. These streams target mostly skilled workers, graduates and unskilled/trades workers.

Want to see how this works?

So, let’s answer the question “How much money do I need to cover living expenses when I get to Canada”?

First things first, if you are moving with your family, how much money you will need to immigrate to Canada will depend on your family size.

The actual money you need to move to Canada with a family of 4 is $23,181 in Canadian dollars.


Did I just mean that? Of course.

One of the requirements to relocating to Canada is using the Immigrants Express Entry Proof of Funds

Applicants would typically need to show forth that they have sufficient money for supporting themselves and their family after they get to Canada.

Now you absolutely would not need to show that you possess funds if and only if you satisfy the following 2 Options:

#1. If you already have a valid offer of arranged employment in Canada.

#2. If you are currently working or have the relevant authorization for working in Canada.

Want to land a job in Canada?

or read the whole steps.


mount You Need To Immigrate To Canada

What you want to take into consideration is the fact that there is more to it. What do I mean?There are different processing fees for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

For instance, the cost of Canada Business Visa fee is ₦45000.00

Canadian Embassy partners with VFS Nigeria for application submission. The fees quoted is the summation of the visa fee and VFS Service charge. However, it is advisable that all applicants have extra ₦5,000 for exchange rate differential.

However, according to, below is the list of Canada visa fees in Nigeria as of 2019.

• Individual visa $100 Canadian Dollars | ₦27,480.05
• Family rate $500 Canadian Dollars | ₦137,400.26
• Visitor visa — including super visa $100 Canadian dollars | ₦27,480.05
• Study permit $150 Canadian dollars | ₦41220.08
• Work permit $155 Canadian dollars | ₦42,594.08
• Student restore status $200 Canadian dollars | ₦54,960.11
• Renewal of Visitor Status fee $200 Canadian dollars | ₦54,960.11
• Biometric individual $85 Canadian Dollars | ₦23,358.04
• Biometric family $170 Canadian Dollars | ₦46,716.09

The (updated) Proof of Funds Requirements for Canada Relocation

The concept of showing proof of funds is about disclosing the adequate amount of money in your bank account which is a compulsory requirement as informed by the Canadian authority.

Furthermore, Proof of funds is how you show the Canadian Authority that you have enough money to settle in Canada. So, if you are invited to apply, you must give a written proof that you have this money in your possession.

But the question is, who needs proof of funds?

Who Needs Proof Of Funds for Canada Relocation?

You need proof of funds to meet the minimum requirements of the

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

Who Does Not Need Proof Of Funds?

You don’t need to show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family if

  • you’re applying under the Canadian Experience Class or
  • you’re authorized to work in Canada and you have a valid job offer, even if you apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Anyone using the Home Care Route.

Kind Advise:
Keep your funds up to date in your profile. The system may find that you’re eligible for more than 1 program. You don’t always know ahead of time which program you’ll be invited under.

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How do you provide evidence of Proof of Funds?

mount You Need To Immigrate To Canada

You can go to your bank and ask for your Bank account statement. Alternatively, you can get a letter from the bank, but for sure, a piece of evidence must be issued to the Canadian Authority.

Below we show the Funds Required (in Canadian dollars and Naira) so you can be restful upon your arrival in Canada.


Number of Family Members

Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)

Funds Required (in Naira)






















Each additional family member




What The Canadian Authority Accepts As Proof Of Funds

Funds must be readily available to you. According to their legal documentation, you can’t use the equity on real property as proof of settlement funds.

Also, you can’t borrow this money from another person. Meaning that you must be able to use this money to pay the costs of living for your family (even if they aren’t coming with you).

But if your spouse is coming to Canada with you…

If your spouse is coming with you, if you guys have a joint account, you can count the money you have together as this is also approved.

Also, you may be able to count the money in an account under their name only, but you must prove you have access to the money.

Note: The funds must be available both when you apply and when (if) the Canadian Authority issues you a permanent resident visa. But why is this important?

Because you must prove to immigration commission that you can legally access the money to use when you land in Canada.

For proof, you must get official letters from any banks or financial institutions where you’re keeping the money.

Overwhelmed or confused on your relocation chances?, please start from here.

The Requirement For Financial Institution’s’ Proof Of Funds

If you are getting a statement of account or a letter from you Bank, below are the requirements your proof letter must contain.

Letter(s) must

  • be printed on the financial institution’s letterhead
  • include their contact information (address, telephone number and email address)
  • include your name
  • list outstanding debts such as credit card debts and loans
  • include, for each current bank and investment account, the
  • account numbers
  • date each account was opened
  • current balance of each account
  • average balance for the past 6 months

I will soon talk about the amount of Money you need to settle comfortably in Canada, but first, let me talk about your Visa Application Process and of course IELTS.

How Much Money Is Needed For Submitting Your Canada Permanent Residence Visa Application?

Let’s say you are applying to relocate with your spouse, below is the break down amounts you will have to pay.

· The Canadian Permanent Residence Visa fee for primary applicants amounts to $500 Canadian Dollars (₦137,400.26). The Right of Canadian Permanent Residence fee is $490 Canadian Dollars | (₦134,652.26)

· Spouse/common laws partner or family member fee is $550 Canadian Dollars. Also, the Right of Canadian Permanent Residence fee is $490 Canadian Dollars.

· If it’s a child of under 22 years, the fee is $150 Canadian Dollars.

Service Charges for Canada Visa Application Processing





Service Charge for Application Handling








*Self Service computer terminal for form filling (Optional Service)



*Assistance with filling in forms on self-service computer terminals(Optional Service)



*Photocopy Services — Price per Page (Optional Service)



*Photography Services (Optional Service)



*Return Courier Delivery (Optional Service)



*SMS Notification (Optional Service)



Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Lagos, upon request by visa office in Lagos (for example, electronic application)



Secure transmission of passport to the Embassy of Canada in Accra, upon request by visa



GC Fee Service Charge



Source: Canada|Nigeria|Service

Please be informed that for all applications submitted at the VAC from 02 November 2018, revised charges shall be applicable. The submission date for Mail-in applications will be the date on which the VAC receives the application. In case any application is received by the VAC with the old charges, the applications will be returned back to the applicant or the applicant will be contacted to pay the difference of charges.

(*) please note these are optional services available in the Canada Visa Application Centre, if applicant wishes they can avail the optional services at the visa application centre.

Methods of Payment for Service Charges for Canada Visa Application

Payment Instructions for CVAC Service Charges:

In person– By Cash only at Bank Counter in the CVAC, along with submission of application. (If not eligible for Biometrics)

By Mail Not accepted at Lagos VAC / Abuja VAC

Payment Instructions for CVAC Charges for Additional Services:

In personBy Cash only at Bank Counter in the CVAC, along with submission of application. (If not eligible for Biometrics)

By Mail– Not accepted at Lagos VAC/ Abuja VAC

Payment Instructions for Visa Fees & Biometric Fees (All Visa Categories) :

In person– By Cash only at Bank Counter in the CVAC, along with submission of application.

By Mail– Not accepted at Lagos VAC/ Abuja VAC

Pay Government of Canada Visa fees as per instructions on the Canadian Visa Office Website for details

IELTS Funds for Canada Permanent Residence from Nigeria

mount You Need To Immigrate To Canada

Currently, the test fee for General and Academic tests is NGN75,000.

To enter for the test you will be required to pay by bank transfer from Guaranty Trust Bank, First Bank and Zenith Bank.

While the current fee is NGN75, 000, note that The IELTS fees vary each year, but it is at a range of N65–90,000 only. (it can be lower if the economy is okay, I guess).

Want to score high for IELTS?

Now, we have come to the ultimate one. After said and done, one of the most important questions you will ask is how much money do I need to cover living expenses when I get to Canada?

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How Much Money Is Needed To Settle Comfortably In Canada?

Have you ever heard of Show Money for Canada Tourist Visa? This is it.

There are documents you must have to cross the border into Canada. Without these documents, you won’t be allowed into the country. So, back to the question,

How much money should you bring to Canada?

What you want to do is research how much it costs to live in the Province you plan to settle in Canada. For an example, the cost of living in Toronto will be quite different from that if Quebec.

I don’t want to call this ideal but the realistic approach is bringing enough or as much money as you can.

Why is this important?

Because this will make moving and finding a home in Canada so much easier.

Note that when you arrive in Canada, you have to tell the border officer if you’re bringing more than Canadian $10,000 into Canada. If you don’t tell them, you may be fined, and your funds could be seized. This includes:

  • Cash
  • Documents that show property or capital payable to you, such as:




*Treasury bills

  • Documents that guarantee payment of a set amount of money, which are payable to you, such as:

*Banker’s drafts


*Money orders

*Travelers’ cheques.

Final Notes On The Amount You Need To Immigrate To Canada

Whether you are relocating to Canada from Nigeria, Syria, India and the likes, the Canadian authority will need to ascertain it.

Of course, the government of Canada has done well, so we did not expect them to give financial support to new start-up visa immigrants, right?

Just as we highlighted above, when you apply, you’ll need to give proof that you have the money to support yourself and your dependents after you arrive in Canada.

Kindly note that all of the above amount of money is subject to change based on the economic or immigration law situation of the country.

Over to you.

Got any questions? Drop them ans I will swiftly respond|react as soon as possible.

Have you started your relocation process? If no why not? 😎 


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